Tuesday Mornings – 7.45-9am, “Hatha/Gentle Yoga” at Asante Lakeside Fitness 

Wednesday Afternoons – 3.45-5pm (March thru June), “Pre-Natal Yoga” at The Yoga Room, Tahoe City

Friday Mornings – 9.30-10.45a, “Hatha Flow” at Wanderlust Yoga, Squaw Valley USA

Alternate Sunday afternoons – 4.30-6pm, “Restorative Yoga” at The Yoga Room, Tahoe City

Yoga classes designed with practices to quieten the mind so you can hear your Soul speak.

Soul Yoga In these classes we practice Hatha yoga in way that helps calm the body and give the nervous system a chance to support its parasympathetic function. In other words it will enhance your capacity for grounding into what is with a sense of grace, resting, digesting and healing, as well as for accessing your intuition and enhancing your ability for higher thinking and deeper wisdom – aka – for accessing the wisdom of your Soul. In this way we empower that which is deeply true as opposed to that which is superficial and fleeting.

In Sanksrit Ha means Sun and Tha is Moon. So the practice of Hatha yoga means to balance the luna and solar energies within the body-mind – which means to balance the nervous system so the body-mind can function optimally. Energy is not discerning, so when your class is predominantly oriented around chaturanga and it’s accompanying, fast paced, power flows, it will fire up whatever is present.

The key is in the sequencing of the class. In my experience it is the duty of the Yoga Teacher to first ground and calm whatever is present in the mind, so that those in the class may sift through what is superficial to get to what is deeper and more true in the SoulFul realm… and then, as the energy of the sun rises in the body, we empower that.

You shouldn’t come out of a yoga class angry or anxious. You should come out clear, calm, relaxed, focused, confident and empowered at a deep soul level. Yoga should be like resuscitation for your Soul and that is what Soul Yoga is all about. So come empower, strengthen and sharpen your focus on what is true and real for you.

Private  Group Classes

Have classes designed to suit your needs at your home or vacation rental in Truckee-Tahoe. Ideal for groups of 3 – 6, more if room permits. To reap the benefits of your own private, custom made, group classes brought to your door, just ask. Whether you want to stretch after skiing, de-stress or power up for your next challenge, a class unique to your needs is just a phone call away.

Call Kali on 530 363 5032 or contact her via email here.

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