Yoga and the Art of Aging

Upside Down YogaThere are  million different reasons why people practice yoga…. and the most common is simply that it works. It works to keep you fit and healthy, it works to keep you mentally sane and balanced in our crazy, fast paced modern world, it works to take you deeper into your Soul self and it works to keep you YOUNG.

Elasticity in the body leads to elasticity in the mind…. and a mind that is not rigidly trying to cling to the ways of yesteryear moves with growth, see’s humor in the human condition and has fun with progress and change. It doesn’t get stuck in positions that no longer work for it and it moves and grooves with ever is arising and passing in this moment. A body that is supple and strong also makes you feel better… simple as that. When our body is weak we feel weak. And as we age a weak body is a degenerating body.

It’s a beautiful paradox where loosening the body simultaneously loosens the mind and strengthen the body simultaneously strengthens the mind -but not in a pigheaded  rigid way… instead it is in a way that helps strengthen your conviction of what is good and right for you on a deeper level – because it is connecting you to your Soul… to that which is real within you…. and in this way, it deepens your connection to your inner Truth.

When we live from a place of inner Truth, we live from our Soul and from this place we’re not only confident in our ways, but we also become ageless.

So yoga keeps you strong and alive in the body and the mind while simultaneously fueling the Soul and keeping you connected to what is real in life. When you are connected to the depth of Soul, feeling real and feeling strong, aging isn’t something to resist or fear… instead it becomes something to rejoice in as it brings more wisdom, greater peace and a stronger sense of ok-ness with what is. From this vantage point a sense of curiosity develops and an intrigue into whats next prevails. Such intrigue over rides any sense of fear that may have been there and the premise instead becomes a curious George poking fun at the world and the human condition in a way that is unconditionally loving.

Enter “Yoga and the Art of Aging” – a 7 Week downloadable DVD Series

A few years ago some Yogi colleagues of mine put together this 7 week Yoga and the Art of Aging series. The first two weeks are free for you to practice here on YouTube.

Week 1 can be watched on YouTube here and pertains to the base Chakra, strength and grounding.

Week 2 can be watched on YouTube is here, this sequence pertains to the Sacral Chakra and will help you open and strengthen those hips.

If you would like the whole series in a downloadable format that you can upload to your computer to play at any time, then you will find the links below. For those of you that would like this series on your phone or tablet, just email me and I will get you those links too.

Week 1 – inherently address the Base Chakra, strength and grounding.
Week 2 – inherently address the Sacral Chakra to open and strengthen hips.
Week 3 – inherently address the Solar Plexus Chakra for confidence and personal power.
Week 4 – inherently address the Heart Chakra to open the heart and become fearless.
Week 5 – inherently address the Throat Chakra, strengthening your ability to speak your truth
Week 6 – inherently address the Third Eye Chakra for strengthening intuition
Week 7 – inherently address the Crown Chakra for tuning into your deeper Truth

(Each are a one time purchase of $4.95usd)

Working through this series is a beautiful way to exercise both the muscles of your physical body and the anatomy of your Soul – which are the Chakras of your Subtle body. You can use them again and again and again to deepen into the different realms inherent in this series. Through persistent practice you will find that you feel stronger and happier in your physical body, lighter and more free within yourself on a subtle level and more loving and joyful emotionally.

Yoga just works… and if you’re just getting into it then this is a beautiful way to go. This series is about aging consciously… its about living a full and whole life. If you’ve done a little bit of yoga and want to take the next step and start cultivating a home practice then this is a beautiful way to go.

Let me know if you have any questions by posting in the comments section below… and I’ll be happy to help. It is my honor to serve and guide you as you deepen into this precious human life.

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