Three Variables Required for Successful Hypnosis

VariablesThere are many different forms and ways in which to use hypnotherapeutic techniques. But for successful hypnosis the client must have at least three variables present; 1. desire to address the problem, 2. realization that certain aspects of life just aren’t the way you know they were meant to be, 3. enthusiasm, or frustration, regarding your existence.   At Mala Hypnotherapy, I play my part in successful hypnosis with the use of hypnotic techniques mixed with meditation instruction, spiritual guidance and practical dietary recommendations to help you isolate these areas and use them to transform your life into one of Health & Wealth, Happiness & Peace.

To what end hypnosis is applied is limited only by our imagination.

And here is why… The hypnotic state is simply a natural, yet altered, state of mind, where the Conscious mind is relaxed and the wiser voice of the SubConscious mind is heard. This means we can determine between Conscious and SubConscious levels while in a trance to the end that we understand consciously and review SubConsciously simultaneously. In other words we have access to both Conscious and SubConscious material. It is in this way that you are able to access and learn the positive intention of your own inner wisdom; and not that of your therapist – or your ego!

And at an even deeper level, you can access the desires and intentions of your Soul – your SuperConscious information – this is the far more productive, exciting and fun place from which to create your own reality.

The SubConscious is the seat of your creativity and imagination… once you’ve transcended this, you come to the SuperConscious or Soul Level information – here you’ve arrived at the gate way to the Cosmic, or Universal, Mind. Because of this, and that memory is maintained while in a trance, you can feel as though you are just “making stuff up”. I have heard this time and time again from first-time clients. My response to them is “Yes, but why did you make up that particular scenario at this time?” Typically they have no idea, but it makes sense or resonates beyond logical reason, and later they realize the relevance, not to mention the deep wisdom, behind it. This is when you know that consciously you probably would not have arrived at the perfect conclusion so quickly, had you not had the benefit of trance aiding you access to your SubConscious, SuperConscious levels of Mind and or indeed the Universal Mind.

We do well to remember we are alive in truly unprecedented times and to negate a mind that is bigger, wider and more open than our own, that we indeed have access to, is to cut ourselves off from much needed growth.

Hypnotherapy therefore is an amazing tool to remedy a plethora of problems quickly. But successful Hypnosis requires your acknowledgement of one to three of the following variables before the process is a transformative, enlightening or insightful one for you – and it certainly can transformative, enlightening AND every so beautifully insightful.

1. First and foremost is your desire to address the problem. Typically this will mean you are sick of being sick, tired, in pain, fat, lazy, broke, guilty, angry, miserable, stagnant, in a rut, behind the times, single, stuck in bad relationships or whatever it is you are which has put you in a constructive phase of discontent. In other words, you are motivated to grow and evolve and you are motivated to expand your mind and take on another perspective. The ability to take on more and more perspectives is key in this evolving world. Further, it is up to you to take your own seat in this world so that you evolve and move beyond your limiting thoughts and finite restrictions if you want to create a world that will sustain itself for the future of our children.

2. Secondly is a realization that certain aspects of life just aren’t the way you know they were meant to be. Here you’ve realized you aren’t achieving your potential in some area of life, or, you have reached a plateau and are in a rut. A whole eco-system lives in this rut that can be addressed and remedied with hypnotherapy. Within this eco-system lies the patterning of your early childhood and past life conditioning which contains all the thoughts you keep having and, therefore, all the beliefs you run your life by. Many of these beliefs are deeply unconscious to you and take self-reflection and deep inner self-inquiry to uncover, reveal and transform. Indeed many of these beliefs aren’t even yours – you’ve just acquired them through conditioning and programming and, until you become aware of their existence, they run your life.

3. The third variable that will draw many of you toward hypnotherapy is Existential Frustration, or the Evolutionary Impulse. This refers to your level of enthusiasm, or frustration, regarding your existence and your desire to contribute to the balance of not only your own inner being, but also, to that of the planet. People are becoming more and more frustrated as they become aware they have lost the purpose, or the meaning, behind their existence and, in so doing, realize that that is reflected in the health and balance of the planet. There is a new feeling, or an emerging consciousness, that there must be an easier, more positively influential and constructive, or sustainable, way of being. This is where awakened therapists who are integrally informed can help their clients remember, or redefine, their purpose and contribution in life.

In my approach I help you connect to the intentions and desires of your Soul – the SuperConscious information. Here you get to override the limiting beliefs and thoughts patterns that don’t serve you. Having a mindfulness practice will help you develop the space between the thoughts and emotions that you have so that you can stop being, or reacting to, the mind and, instead reside at an altitude or level of Soul. This is your Truth. This is your real Wisdom. Here inlays your conviction, your motivation, your courage and your peace. When you live from this place you know you are Being who you came here to be which means you naturally and automatically wind up doing all you came here to do. This is walking your path, your flow, YOUR LIFE, YOUR WAY.

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