Three Messages From a Tired Body

happiness-and-freedomYour body is an energy system. On a physical level it requires food, good food, real food, nutrient dense food, from which it gathers it’s energy. When we feed our bodies foods that are not good, real and nutrient dense it doesn’t get the fuel it needs to operate at it’s optimum level. We know this. We might not act on it all the time, but we know this. Beyond this level though, your body has emotional and spiritual needs which, when not met also leave your body feeling tired and drained of the juice that fuels it. And, we are cyclical. It might be more obvious in women but it’s not just women who are cyclical, it’s men too.

If you are chronically tired, there are three messages, beyond the obvious of ‘am I getting enough sleep?’, that your body might be trying to convey. 

  • On a physical level, check your adrenals for their cortisol function and your blood for it’s iron levels. There are many other variables that could be physical level contributors to fatigue, and I’m not a medic in any way but, for many a client and myself personally, these have been the common culprit for chronic physical level tiredness. If you have been under a lot of stress, emotionally or physically, or have been burning the candle at both ends for too long, then your adrenals have been working over time constantly spitting cortisol out into your system to keep you going. This can only go on for so long, because you are cyclical – as you will see in number three – and need to honor your need for rest so the body can reguvenate itself. So always look after the physical. If you are an avid spiritual practitioner, you may be inclined to skip over the body. But body is the temple of your Soul and without a strong and healthy, functioning body your Soul cannot carry out the work it has come here to do.
  • On a more energetic/spiritual level, check inside yourself and ask ‘what, or who, am I putting my energy and effort into?’ If it, or they, are draining your energy and vigor, dulling your light and turning you off to life, then it’s time to pay closer attention to the one inside who knows. So often we get into relationships that don’t serve our deeper needs or align with our authentic nature. Whether in business or personal, platonic or intimate, if the people you spend the most of your time with or the situations you spend most of your days or nights in, aren’t aligned to that of your Sacred Purpose, then you are unable to speak your truth and walk your talk. And ultimately, if that’s not happening then you are not listening to the Inner Goddess or Warrior, the one who knows, and instead, this one who knows, will shut you down. Mentally we can try to ignore this shut down and pretend it’s not happening by sticking our heads in the proverbial sands of denial, but, and if you’ve taken care of the physical, until you start listening, and I mean really listening, you will just feel more and more drained and tired. So listen to the one who knows. If you need some space held for you in which to do this deep listening then contact me and we can set it up (over Skype or in person).
  • Finally there is the fact that, male or female, we are human beings and that makes us cyclical in nature. Just as the tide ebbs and flows, the moon waxes and wanes and the seasons change, so to do we. Sometimes we’re up and sometimes we’re down, sometimes we’re in and sometimes we’re out. Sometimes we have loads of energy and sometimes we’re just plain tired. How you cycle may vary. But cycle you do. For women who menstrurate it is more obvious. But have you ever noticed how your partner might go a little manic when the moon is full and a become more introverted when it’s new? Or what about the seasons? Have you noticed how, as the seasons turn, you feel a moving outward of your focus in the spring and a turning inward in the fall? Yes, male or female you cycle. For women I have put together a six week course to delve into the Sacred world of Feminine Wisdom as we cycle through our own inner moon (this course is relevant regardless of whether you still bleed or not). But in general, notice what happens from the beginning of a week to the end of a week. From one season to the next. From a full moon to a new moon. And then listen to, and honor the needs of, body as it cycles from one phase of energy to the next. Say ‘no’ more often and then watch how you enjoy the things you do say ‘yes’ to more. As you do you will notice that you have more stamina for endurance because you pace yourself through life and its many and varied challenges. Rest is something we don’t honor enough of in the West… but ironically it is rest that will get you where you are really wanting to be.

So if you are chronically tired you’ll want to pinpoint the area of life that requires your healing love and attention. And to do that you’ll want to ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Are my physical needs met?
    – am I getting enough enough sleep?
    – are my adrenals in good working order?
    – are my iron levels in the appropriate range?
    – is there anything else in my physical body that requires my healing attention?
  2. Is what, or who, I am putting my time and energy into aligned with my deeper needs?
  3. Am I honoring my own energy cycle and saying ‘no’ when I need to rest?

There are other people better equipped to help you with question Number 1 here, but if you need a container that will support you in identifying your deeper needs and desires of your Soulful self then I would love to hold that space for you, either over Skype or in person here in Tahoe City, California. You can click here to find out the various ways in which that container might be best created to serve you personally.

In the meantime, it is with love and gratitude that I offer this free meditation treasure chest. Meditation is one of the most effective, and insightful, long term ways to restore you internal equilibrium on all levels of mind, body, heart and soul. Even if it is just a short daily practice, sooner or later the Shakti of your practice will seduce you and draw you to your meditation cushion. Soon it will become a practice you cannot live without. And you’ll wonder how you ever did… and realize that you did, but now you do everything with so much more grace and ease.

with love and Goddess smiles

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