Hello Beautiful and Amazing Kali,
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wow! That was such an amazing, powerful and very potent (hypnotherapy) session we had yesterday – something has really shifted in me and I feel so much lighter! It feels like I am actually receiving so much more of me, all the bits I was judging and had misidentified  …….. and it feels AMAZING!
I can’t even describe what this is like – but tune in and I know  you will know what I’m feeling anyway!
So much infinite Love and Gratitude for You AND for Skype for connecting us from the comfort and safety of my bedroom!
Rhonda, New Zealand

“Kali is the real deal. What she invokes through her (Past Life Regression) work is life changing…well actually many lives changing! She is special…”

Mark Schulman, Drummer, Author, Producer

       I had the pleasure of working with Kali in 2007 as a correspondent for Television New Zealands 20/20 current affairs show. Kali played a pivotal role in the success of a feature documentary on extreme phobias. Kali, a profession hypnotherapist, was a firm believer that irrational fears were a direct result of trauma experienced in people’s past lives. She also believed, by hypnotizing phobia sufferers and taking them back into the past and exploring that moment of trauma, they could be cured of any irrational fears. It was a controversial claim and, to be honest, I was more than a little skeptical.
       However, my skepticism would be short lived. During the course of the documentary we put Kali’s skills and theory to the test. We challenged her to try and cure three serious phobia sufferers. These people – who suffered irrational fears of birds, water and holes – were selected by ourselves and had NO previous relationship with Kali. Under hypnosis, all three re-called traumatic events and were ‘released’ of their phobias. Over the years, I have kept in contact with these people and they are all living phobia free lives now.
       Kali is a highly qualified and educated hypnotist. She takes her profession and her work extremely seriously. She is fun to work with, compassionate, sincere and an incredibly talented and unique individual. You can watch the full clip here.

Sincerely Peter Cronshaw – TVNZ correspondent. 

“Kali Cathie is pure magic.  Kali holds a space for all levels of students.  She teaches in a way that allows us to go deep within the depths of ourselves and become a witness to the subtleties and intricacies of simply being human and existing in this life. Helping us unearth our purpose and path. Kali arrives at workshops with true scientific knowledge and the metaphysical understandings of meditation and the mind. This combination encouraged us to dive beyond where we are comfortable, and to get to a place of discomfort almost.  Through that discomfort is where we pushed through and had those “ah-hah” moments of clarity. I have never been to a workshop such as SoulArts, Kali is honestly magnificent. I plan to buy her SoulPlan.tv package and many more sessions with her.  I recommend Kali to all my friends and family.” K.M. of Lake Tahoe, CA

“Kali Cathie is a master teacher.  I attended an all day workshop with her and was in awe of how beautifully she held the space for each of us.  She was truly present and engaged in her presentation  Through her vast knowledge and gentle coaching, I was able to make new discoveries and develop new practices for meditation and living a more engaged, creative life.  I’ve had the good fortune to attend many workshops in my life, but she made this one truly unforgettable. Thank you!  If she comes to your town, don’t miss an opportunity to study with her.” Ann Randolph – AnnRandolph.com

Hypnotherapy sessions with Kali Cathie have helped me to heal areas of my life that were challenging for me and just not working, bringing light to my “blind spots” and further more enabling through elegant processes to move through this and to engage more healthy, serving ways of functioning, thinking and feeling about myself and being in the world. Working with Kali proved to be extremely effective in helping me to inquire into the inner workings of my subconscious, particularly when I have felt that there was perhaps blocks or “something” hidden beneath the surface of my experience or felt that I was not stepping into my full potential in some way. As a result I have been able to open to more peace within, more success in my field of work and more harmony and love in my relationships, including my relationship with myself. Some of the work that we have done has been focused on connecting with myself at the level of Soul, I found this work had a level of wisdom which was beautifully liberating in terms of the big picture of my life and also in improving my capacities in everyday functioning. I have found Kali to be a beautifully intuitive therapist, which extensive education that forms a solid and intelligent foundation for her hypnotherapy work. Working with Kali has been healing for me on many levels, I deeply value the level of integrity and wisdom she brings to her work and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to engage my inner work with her expert, intuitive and deeply insightful guidance. I love too that she can work over Skype when I can’t make it to her office. It’s just the same and equally beneficial to work this way.
MC, Therapist, New Zealand

Hello, my name is Reina Hidalgo, I’m 33 years old and live in LA as a professional dancers for 9 years. I meet Kali back in 2006 while on tour with “Pink!” At the age of 26 I’ve done my first world tour with Pink and learned about all these spiritual endeavors through the camp. They introduce me to meditation, positive thinking, energy etc. So after reading “Many lives, Many Masters” recommended by a friend I was intrigue about the practice. It so happened that our last show in New Zealand Kali was in town and was able to fit a couple of us in on our day off. My hypnotherapy session was for 2 hours and we went through 2 past lives. Man what an experience it was… the most extraordinary thing I’ve ever done. After the session my life unfolded in the most beautiful way. I understood where the root of certain things came from and how the therapy helped me tap into it to release it. Kali was so great in explaining the process and so gentle during it and made me understand why and what I was feeling.  I do believe in past lives and the people you meet is for a reason to teach you and remind you who you are. Each day I’m thankful to have met Kali in my life. After that day I’ve grown so much and look forward to working with her again.

Namaste, Reina Hidalgo, Los Angeles, USA

“Generally the answers you seek are right in front of you, Kali Cathie can help you put things into perspective with her Tarot readings, she does not use them to predict the future or CHANGE the way you live your life, but rather to see where you are in your life now and own it, with a reading from Kali she will show you where you are on a conscious and unconscious level and help you realize that even if you are going through hardships at the present time your path, your journey is always working FOR you and NOT AGAINST you, I highly recommend a Tarot Reading from Kali Cathie she is one of the few readers of the Tarot I have met in a lifetime of my spiritual quest that truly shows you that you and only you are in control of your life and the experiences we have negative or positive are there to help us grow and live the best possible life we can for ourselves and for our future generations”

– Gregory V. United States

“A tarot card reading with Kali is a journey into the symbolic, the mystical, the sacred and the divine. She is gifted with the ability to hold open a spiritual space for her client, that is authentic and empowering. A rare opportunity to enter the tarot realm with someone who has a deep personal insight, knowledge and experience of spirit” 

– Murray, New Zealand.

I have both a professional and personal relationship with Kali. I am a remedial body therapist working in New Zealand. Because Kali can work with people in a very unique way, I would regularly send her clients. She has this amazing ability to get to the roots of any manor of problems. I believe that the combination of her psychology degree, hypnotherapy training and her training in Zen Buddhism give her a unique approach. I, as well as she often used in the treatment of a full immersion methodology. In this we were helped by the best Netherlands online casino about which you can read here http://cc-tv.nl. Not only can she see and work with the complex web the mind creates but she can see what is beneath that web and what that web is hiding. And with that information she can help individuals to change in very deep and lasting ways. Clients would always come back from seeing her changed on very deep levels. This work I too have experienced and can tell you that Kali is a gifted and talented therapist. She is a beautiful soul who can connect with anyone.

K.E. Licensed Massage Therapist and Energy Worker, New Zealand

Just wanted to say how much insight and strength I have gained as a new mum from both these beautiful one day retreats… and how truly wonderful your meditation CD’s are.  I did the ‘quick fix’ again last night and got that I need to put myself first, even ahead of my wee boy, as then I will be able to give more and be the best ‘me’.  Clarity, calmness and stillness… it’s always there… and I know that now I have the tools to BE that, instead of haphazzard other! 🙂  So I wanted to write and say thank-you again.

Liz – New Zealand

     Right Road – being on the right road feels wonderful, it’s where optimum health, fitness and vitality are available.  I took this workshop as a new Mum struggling to find time for myself and knowing something had to change.  I love Kali’s style of teaching, her guidance, her incredible ability to help you gain clarity.  The Right Road is universal, it’s not about one goal in particular, it can fit anyone with a strong desire to live the lifestyle they want and not let yourself get in the way.
     Kali’s Mondo Zen workshop was for me a very heart-opening, peaceful and uplifting experience.  I accessed an inner stillness and discovered the place where truth resides.   I received the tools, inspiration and guidance to create the space in my life for a daily meditation practice – one which I know will persist and make a wonderful difference in my life.
     Two equally inspirational and practical workshops.. totally different, yet perfectly complementary.  Where “The Right Road” fine tuned exactly what I wanted, it was “Mondo Zen “that gave me the tools to truly make it possible. Sending deep gratitude and much love to one of my life’s most inspiring teachers.”

Kelli – New Zealand

“The Right Road” (workshop) was just what I was needing. It was great to take a day out of my overly busy life so I could go inside and listen to my deeper self speak back to me. I found that I didn’t need to do more, in fact I could actually let go and begin to do less, be quieter and therefore get more done. To experience my body as spirit, was a beautiful thing and I’ve found I can now love myself more than ever before, in fact to not love myself from now on just isn’t possible. How could I ever again not love the grace of spirit, that I am?! The result of this has been that I now eat a more balanced diet. I’ve found ways to exercise my body that is fun and loving and I’m more in tune with my needs than ever before. Thank you!!!

Jenny – New Zealand

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