• Tarot readings like this will provide you with a map of the mental and spiritual pathways that can guide you through your blocks and barriers and into ease and flow. 
  • This is not Fortune Telling. It’s more like an intimate life coach session with your soul. These readings provide a Snap Shot picture of how the different levels of your mind interact with your Soul and how that plays out in your current life events.
  • It’s a Snap Shot of your Subtle realm experience and how it is engaging in “Now” time activity.
  • The reading provides a picture that will help you hold another perspective in an area of life that is currently challenging you in some way.
  • You’ll get a pathway you can set your mind on that will enable you to evolve and grow through the experience that is challenging or fueling you in this moment.
  • Again, not fortune telling, more an intimate conversation with your deeper drives and needs that will provide you with an opportunity to deepen into your current way of being with greater confidence, or shift path and mindset in a constructive way.
  • With a life time of yogic practices under her belt, two decades of deepening her intuition and another decade and a half of facilitating deep hypnotic processes, Kali has developed a beautiful way of working intuitively with her clients. Sign up for her Love Notes from the Goddess within to learn more about how you can too. The sign up form is just there to your right.

    The Mythic TarotThe interpretations provided by Kali in a Tarot Reading will guide and support you in ways you may find quite profound AND you can access these readings from anywhere in the world over SKYPE. Contact Kali now for her SKYPE details and to arrange your appointment time.

    Read on to find out more about how her way of reading the cards can benefit you….. This is also a beautiful gift you can give to a loved one to help them see life from another perspective, turn challenges into opportunities and manifest their true path in life.

    There are three levels of mind that are addressed in this Snap-Shot of the mind reading:

        • Your Conscious Mind –  this is what you are aware of and how you are thinking. Getting a clearer perspective on this level of the mind will help you more consciously direct your thoughts, feelings and emotions at deeper levels. This is conscious Will.
          • Your Sub Conscious Mind – this is where your beliefs, feelings and emotions are stored and is also the seat of your imagination and creativity. This is where your programming and conditioning is played out from and can be friend or foe depending upon how it is programmed. Our shadow is also stored here so gaining insight into this level of mind can help us become clearer on that which is unconsciously driving us in limiting or self-serving ways. This is another level of Will that you may not be aware of and therefore could be limiting or serving depending on your conditioning and programming. This is also the level of mind in which most processes using Classical Hypnosis take place.
            • Your Super Conscious Mind –  this your Soul Level Intention and deeper drive or Higher Purpose in life. Becoming aware of the energy and information available at this level of the mind reveals the purpose, meaning and value that is driving you at a Soul level through your current situation. This is Will at the level of Soul and is also the level of mind in which most processes using Spiritual Hypnosis take place.


    In many ways the Tarot represent the accumulation of centuries (to billions of years) of personal and spiritual development becoming aware of it’s own evolution and growth. Originating in the mid 15th century they were initially used as playing cards… but by the late 18th century they were found by mystics and occultists to be useful in divination, as well as carving out a map for spiritual and mental development. Now in the 21st century, the Tarot are used by many as a mythic kind of Fortune Telling device and the spiritual and mental development aspect of them has been all but lost.

    Far beyond the subjectivity of mysticism, the cards have a plethora of developmental layers where the wisdom and information contained within them can again reveal potential developmental pathways, offer a different perspective and uncover the powerful energy of the Super Natural getting to know itself. I’d love to read the cards for you. You never know how intimate a conversation like this can get…. I can know you in a way very few can… the insight gained from this kind of conversation could well be a pivotal moment in your life.

    Snap ShotA Snap Shot of the mind might be all you need to clear your path and move forward. And it could also illuminate for you where your next layer of growth and development could well peal itself in deeper hypnotic work.
    I have been reading the Tarot for more than thirty years. This experience combined with the deep understanding that I have in spiritual and personal growth and development allows me a peephole, via the Snap Shot of the Mind reading, into your deeper nature. My readings are deeply insightful and so profoundly pertinent that they will guide and support you in important and often surprising ways.

    If you have had a reading from me and would like to offer a testimonial please do so here.


    “Generally the answers you seek are right in front of you, Kali Cathie can help you put things into perspective with her Tarot readings, she does not use them to predict the future or CHANGE the way you live your life, but rather to see where you are in your life now and own it, with a reading from Kali she will show you where you are on a conscious and unconscious level and help you realize that even if you are going through hardships at the present time your path, your journey is always working FOR you and NOT AGAINST you, I highly recommend a Tarot Reading from Kali Cathie she is one of the few readers of the Tarot I have met in a lifetime of my spiritual quest that truly shows you that you and only you are in control of your life and the experiences we have negative or positive are there to help us grow and live the best possible life we can for ourselves and for our future generations”- Gregory V. United States


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