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Not only did I wake up one morning knowing that I needed nutrient dense, premium quality and pure, organic, gmo free, superfood and CBD, but that it was also time to step into my Power House Change Agent Self and get the life I truly came here to live on the road.

At that point I was not only sleep deprived from the broken sleep of motherhood, but I was also nutritionally depleted. And I had lost all sense of personal power and belief in self that I could make the money required to raise a healthy and happy baby – and still have time to spend with him.

I had baked a super healthy baby for at least ten months in utero, then spent the the next ten months breast feeding… on this particular morning, my 45 year old body was screaming at me for help. And my mind was going crazy in a fog of BLAH-ness. All that ice cream I’d eaten through pregnancy had taken it’s toll and now my sugar cravings and backward habits had me on a roller coaster of crazy. We are what we eat and I had become a hot, refined sugar mess.

I wasn’t about to give up breast feeding but the brain fog and baby fat were dragging me down an ugly dark hole. And as large as my body was feeling, I was feeling small and incapable – especially if I paid any attention to what was happening in the world around me with the people who’s hands the bulk of our money is really in. It scared the shit out of me. If I didn’t do something about the bigger picture of my own life soon I wasn’t sure I would be able to turn this ship around, and I certainly was never going to have any capacity to be a Change Agent for the bigger picture issues of our One Home – our Planet and MOTHER of all Mothers.

In all honesty, my ship was going down, and I had far too much to loose personally, as well as Soulfully, for that to happen.

So, because there is so much toxic rubbish on the market, lets face it, we hardly eat FOOD anymore, I researched the crap out of supplementation and superfood products, and then stumbled across Purium via a friend in the street and then another mama, and bam – I got that shimmery feeling I get when the Goddess is nudging at my back…. Not only had I found PURE and PREMIUM top shelf superfoods but it also came with not only a personal growth opportunity but also the most ingenious business structure ever to be invented. Purium resonated with me for multiple reasons that gave me goosebumps to my soul:

    • it offers weight loss, cleansing, vitality, health, stamina, longevity, immunity and clarity, and more – all things this 45 year old mama bear was lacking.
    • it’s non GMO and has been Organic for over 25 years – in fact the founders of this company were integral in legitimizing the certification of the organic produce moment.
    • it’s so non GMO and Organic that all farms must use crop rotation soil 50 plus feet deep located many miles away from ANYTHING so that nothing can effect the purity.
    • this company is a Change Agent with a vision is to save humanity from suffering through feeding families superfood of the highest and most premium, nutrient dense quality.
    • it offers a business opportunity for those wanting to align with them in sharing the vision to feed humanity with real food, from sustainable, pure and premium sources with the highest possible nutrient density. Money speaks in the corporate world. We need people like you and me, people with bigger picture visions of sustainability for a planet without war, to have money to speak with. Putting your dollars in places like this sends a powerful message to the Monsanto’s of our time. Message me for details on how you can become a part of my team and this incredible community and join us in this quest. If more conscious people have more money in their hands, that money will go in more conscious places.
    • the founder (David Sandoval) saved 200 farms in Thailand from Monsanto and not only turned them into organic farmland, but he also gave women in that region jobs in opposition to being sold in sex trade.
    • arming yourself with health and wealth in this way not only adds to your quality of life and boosts your personal wellbeing, but will also effect and protect our planet in ways that may allow us to leave it in a healthy way for future generations after all.
    • it empowers each and every one of us to create Abundance in the forms of health and wealth, purpose and community.
    • AND… they have the highest potency, cleanest, purest, most affordable CBD on the planet!

💫Do you care about your health and personal stress management? 💫Do you care about the health and wellbeing of your family? 💫Do you want to get out of the dollar hour paradigm? 💫Do you want time and location freedom? 💫Do you want residual income? 💫Do you want buying power where you can buy your food, and anything else you buy, based upon its quality instead of its price? 💫Do you want personal autonomy? 💫Do you want to be a part of a tribe that is based upon the foundations of health, wealth, community, collaboration, purpose and personal growth? 💫Do you live with an attitude of gratitude and enjoy paying it forward? 💫Are you motivated to live a life of personal power? 💫Are you someone who wants to live and breathe your own personal definition of success? 💫Do you want to lead others in inspiring and sustainable ways? 💫Do you want to collaborate with fun and inspiring, dynamic and creative, heart centered individuals? 💫Do you want to live the life you came here to live on a soul level? 💫Are you ready to own your life? ✨💫🌿🌱If you said YES to any of these questions then connect with me, you ‘n me, we’ve got something big, potent and important to talk about ✨💫🌿🌱

Use discount code KALILOVE for anything on the Purium CBD and Purium Superfoods websites including the 40-Day Ultimate Nutrition Plan which will include a 10-Day Transformation Cleanse and Metabolic Reset – which is what I used to clear my mind, shift excess weight, clean up my system and get my sinking  ship back on track with.

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On the morning my baby had his first green superfood drink my husband asked where his green superfood drink was. Now the whole family is on it and I’m over the moon to know I can raise my child on pure and premium quality superfoods created by a company that is deeply ethically and morally intelligent in multiple ways.

This baby of mine was covered in eczema from head to toe…. I am sooo super happy to say he is now virtually clear of it after just two months of eating and drinking these pure and premium superfoods – just one small patch to go. But we are out of those itchy woods now and it is such a relief. What a blessing it is to be able to heal your own child by having access to these high vibrational plant medicines. I’m certainly feeling empowered, and yes so blessed, that I have this plant magic delivered to my door on a monthly basis. Message me if you would like to empower yourself and your family in this same way. It’s time we used FOOD as MEDICINE again 🙂

Change your water, change your life! Ask me how...

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