Steady and Comfortable Living

I am rooted but I flowThe ¬†purpose of yoga is to engage in a practice of steady and comfortable living while maintaining a sense of ease and grace. So in yoga each pose is said to have two very important qualities, without which, it would not be yoga…. in Sanskrit these two qualities are summed up by the words Sthira and Sukha. Sthira is said to be the qualities of steadiness and alertness while Sukha has the qualities of lightness, comfort, ease, happiness.¬†Spiritual Teacher, Andrew Cohen, says the same thing about meditation, that the quality of meditation has the qualities of being intensely alert, yet deeply relaxed.

What if these qualities of yoga were present in how you went about your every day life? How could life be different?

This is why we practice yoga. If we can bring a sense of steadiness and ease along with a light and easy comfort as we transition via an inner wellspring of happiness from one move to another on our mat, then we are cultivating the ability to bring these same qualities to our life as we move from one part of our day to another in a process of steady and comfortable living.

Cultivating these qualities while happy and in unfolding situations that are fun is one thing, but doing so in the face of emotional upheaval and change is an entirely a different thing.

And again, this is why we practice yoga…. to develop the ability to move from one situation in life to another with a sense of balance, grace and ease.

When I bring my awareness to the practice of bringing these two qualities into my life on ever deepening levels I know that I have far to go. As with the practice of postures it takes a certain amount of time to be able to practice with these qualities – remembering that both must be present…. there’s no yoga if we are steady and alert yet forcing our way through the move in an agitated manner – which I know I’ve sure been guilty of. Even if you get good at hiding it from others, you yourself will still know that comfort, happiness and ease are not present. This is when your nervous system will be triggered and that will show in your health which will inevitably express the imbalance for you…. and then you won’t be able to go on avoiding it, or pushing through it and you’ll simply have to deal with it.

So here in this post I invite you to bring your awareness to the life that you lead and to the circumstances that unfold in your day – both pleasant and challenging. How steady and alert are you? And how well do you hold this ability to be steady and alert while also remaining calm and relaxed, happy and at ease?

This practice requires a deep sense of Trust in the perfect unfolding of all things, which in yoga is one of the five Niyamas – these are codes of conduct for individual discipline – and in Sanskrit is Aparigraha; this is to know in your heart of hearts, your spiritual heart, that you are exactly where you are meant to be and everything that is occurring in your life is doing so exactly as it should. When we don’t have this sense of trust, this faith that a greater force is at play than the conscious mind would care to admit, then we cannot simultaneously hold Sthira and Sukha as a constant. Remember this is a practice – which means it takes practice. The key is to recommit each time you loose your experience of one of these qualities… because you will…. so just recommit. Drop back into that part of you that has faith in the perfect unfolding of all things and simply recommit. And then recommit again and again and again…..

Like all things we practice, we will get better at it… and as you get better at it, then so will the Collective. And as the Collective gets better at simultaneously maintaining these two qualities then our world will become a more steady and awake, peaceful, happy, light and comfortable place in which to be…. One being at a time….

I know it can be challenging moving from a place of perceived lack or fear, anxiety or stress, stuckness or blockage…. but once you get your subconscious mind on your side and once you start awakening to a new level of consciousness, those perceptions will fall away, naturally and easily. In fact you will be surprised and amazed at how quickly things start moving when you surrender to the deeper desires and intentions of your Soul Self…….

So if it is time to take your seat in this practice and you would like some help then please don’t hesitate to contact me and I would love to help you.

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