I specialize in Reincarnation Therapy – Past Life Regression, read on for more on how Hypnotic techniques can deepen your Spiritual connection and help you answer the bigger questions in life.

What is Spiritual Hypnosis?

Technically Spiritual Hypnosis would just mean suggestion therapy, which in and of itself can be relatively ineffective. So I use the deeper, more interactive and exploratory, process of Hypnotherapy to align the Will of the Conscious mind and the Power and Intention of your Sub Conscious mind with the deeper Soul Intention of your Super Conscious mind. This work is at the level of Soul – that deepest dimension of the Self that is still personal (next stop is Source, Spirit or Oneness which is deeply impersonal). In the Super Conscious mind we access the deepest level of Intention – the Intention of our Soul. Without alignment with our Soul Intention we are caught in some of the most deepest degrees of anxiety and suffering that there is – a loop of empty meaninglessness. Knowing yourself at this level is therefore KEY in living your Life Purpose and understanding the deeper Purpose, Meaning and Value for being here on planet earth at this time. Working at this depth can provide profound insights into the nature of your reality as well as life transforming results. This depth of work can also help deepen, ground and embody your Spiritual Practice in an evolutionary way.

All sessions can be carried out over Skype from anywhere in the world with high speed internet connection.

To follow is a list of  Hypnotic tools we can use that will help you understand the deeper purpose, meaning and value for living life and the challenges you face today. Working in this way enables you to bring your Conscious and Sub Conscious minds into alignment with  the deeper nature of your Soul.

Choose from the following list of tools:

Soul Speak
Reincarnation Therapy – Past Life Regression
Natal Regression
Hypnotic Dreamwork

The kinds of issues you can address when exploring the Realm of Soul are limited only by your imagination… but the following is a list of things you may like to remedy:

  • find out the deeper nature of Self
  • better understand the nature of the Universe and why you are here
  • uncover your deeper life purpose and reasons for existence
  • clear blocks in abundance
  • remedy relationship issues and better understand karmic connections with loved ones
  • correct negative behavior patterns
  • address addictive patterns
  • create a more peaceful family unit or working environment
  • better understand the parent-child dynamic and your unique challenges therein
  • eradicate fears, phobias and other irrational behaviors
  • remedy stress and anxiety
  • carve out a future that embraces and supports your highest potential
  • and much, much more……

The following is a quote by Andrew Cohen that addresses the purpose and point of  using hypnotic techniques for Spiritual growth and development:

“History’s greatest theologians, philosophers, mystics, and moral heroes were all individuals who came to that point in their own evolution as human beings where they felt compelled to get to the very bottom of what it means to exist. They made the heroic effort to struggle with life’s deepest existential questions. Who am I? Why am I here? Why does the universe exist? What is the purpose of the life I’m living and what is the reason that I’m living it? There are and always have been real, life-changing, and liberating answers to these perennial questions. The thing is, it’s only a rare few that seem to feel passionately enough to make the effort necessary to find them. Since the dawn of history, there have always been some human beings who are more awake than most and who try to help others to see what they’ve seen. So what will it take for each and every one of us to get to the same point that they did?”

Soul Speak

Soul SpeakUsing special deepening techniques, gained from studying the processes of Michael Newton and Dolores Cannon, I can help you retrieve information and wisdom from your Soul that will help you unfold your true Life Purpose and the deeper lessons behind the challenges you face in life today.

This is a process where you come prepared with a list of questions to which you would like answers and through the powerful process of hypnosis we access this deepest dimension of Self – your Soul.

These sessions take about an hour and a half and are a beautiful form of transpersonal inquiry that will help you negotiate the bigger questions about life and why you’re here.

Reincarnation Therapy – Past Life Regression

Ancient Buddhist temple muralWhile the process of Soul Speak occurs in the Bardo realm (otherwise known as the life between lives) Reincarnation Therapy or Past Life Regression is an exploration of your Past Lives. Such exploration can help us to better understand the fleeting gift of life and the intricate tapestry of how the past creates the future. With such a perspective we become more fully present with greater acceptance in the now and, therefore, more conscious of how we are creating our moment to moment experience while knowing that what we sow now, we shall reap later – in this life or the next. Past Life Regression helps us string together the patterns of the past so that we may transcend them in our now time to create a higher vibrational world in the future. Past history was energetically darker, more dense and heavier and filled with more drama and trauma than is our current experience of life – for we are in fact alive in the most peaceful times our planet has ever seen (albiet with plenty of room for improvement, evolution and growth). So it is with great respect for the power of this process that we revisit these times, clear the heaviness we  still carry from them today and therefore free ourselves from the hook that holds us back from moving forward.

As with Soul Speak, these sessions take about an hour and a half and are a beautiful form of transpersonal inquiry that will help you negotiate the bigger questions about life and why you’re here.

Past Lives Documentary 20/20 from Kali Cathie on Vimeo.


Natal Regression

This form of regression can be one of the most profoundly impacting sessions you will ever have. Through exploring the mother-child dynamic and the unique birthing process of the individual, these sessions can help you better understand the deeper patterns of behavior that play out in relationships, as well as clear fears and blocked or stagnant energy. In engaging in this process you will then be able to reprogram negative belief patterns, create healthier patterns of engagement with others and lay the ground for spiritual growth and development. This kind of session can also help you better understand your deeper reasons for existence and the karmic influences that set up your life process today.  Most people that engage in this process notice healthier family relations – especially with their birth mother – and a deeper sense of belonging than ever before.

Hypnotic Dreamwork

Hypnotic DreamworkOur dreams reveal empowering and insightful information from our subconscious mind that carries a wisdom that is way deeper than what we are generally aware of in our general every day waking state of mind. Hypnotic Dreamwork, in this style of Randal Churchill, combines Gestalt Dialogue together with hypnosis so that subconscious information can be reviewed with a conscious intelligence that allows a deeper experience of the dream to be had. In this way the deeper meaning implicit in the dream becomes a healing process of personal growth. So if you have had a dream, especially a vivid, disturbing or re-occurring one, that you would like to understand the symbology and deeper wisdom of, then bring it in so that we may together engage in this exciting and ever so personal exploration of your subconscious mind. Here you get to unlock the secrets of your dreams. For another spin on Spiritual Hypnosis check out the old Mala site.


 Hello Beautiful and Amazing Kali,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wow! That was such an amazing, powerful and very potent session we had yesterday – something has really shifted in me and I feel so much lighter! It feels like I am actually receiving so much more of me, all the bits I was judging and had misidentified  …….. and it feels AMAZING!

I can’t even describe what this is like – but tune in and I know  you will know what I’m feeling anyway!

So much Gratitude for You,
Love and ……… infinite Gratitude
Rhonda, New Zealand

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