Your Soul has its own Art…
it’s Temple is Your Body….
…our beautiful Planet is it’s Playground….
How well do you know Your Own Will in this Playground?
…… and Can You Balance the Dance Between Accepting and Creating in it?

Soul Anatomy

Acceptance comes from the line of energy that flows upwards through the Chakra system of your Body.

Manifestation and Creation comes from the downward flow of energy through this energy anatomy of your body.

Your Soul, housed in the temple of your precious human body, is the deepest dimension of Self which is still personal and, as such, it gives the creative capacity to all your most deepest intentions and desires.

Your Body gives your Soul it’s arms and legs so that it can create and manifest all that it came here to, so knowing how to feed it and look after it is super important.

Your Mind is friend or foe depending on how it is wired, so learning how to navigate between the main levels of mind is also super important.

Your Heart opens to receive based on how deeply it Trusts. Learning to Trust therefore is the key to keeping your human balanced.

Your Chakras are the anatomy of your Soul and between the capacity of their upward flow of Acceptance and downward ability to manifest and Create you have the bridge between the layers of your multi dimensional self. Keeping flow across the bridge in each direction free of blocks and barriers allows the communication of your Soul to flow through the rest of the layers of your being. In this way your Divine Spiritual Intention meets your Divine Physical Will… and together, they give your physical body the ability to manifest your Divine Purpose in life.

The Game of Life is all about balancing the dance between these two poles….
…. how well do YOU do that?
… Do you know where you’re blocked and from where you flow?

What others have been saying:

“Kali Cathie is pure magic.  Kali holds a space for all levels of students.  She teaches in a way that allows us to go deep within the depths of ourselves and become a witness to the subtleties and intricacies of simply being human and existing in this life. Helping us unearth our purpose and path. Kali arrives at workshops with true scientific knowledge and the metaphysical understandings of meditation and the mind. This combination encouraged us to dive beyond where we are comfortable, and to get to a place of discomfort almost.  Through that discomfort is where we pushed through and had those “ah-hah” moments of clarity. I have never been to a workshop such as SoulArts, Kali is honestly magnificent. I plan to buy her package and many more sessions with her.  I recommend Kali to all my friends and family.” K.M. of Lake Tahoe, CA

“Kali Cathie is a master teacher.  I attended an all day workshop with her and was in awe of how beautifully she held the space for each of us.  She was truly present and engaged in her presentation  Through her vast knowledge and gentle coaching, I was able to make new discoveries and develop new practices for meditation and living a more engaged, creative life.  I’ve had the good fortune to attend many workshops in my life, but she made this one truly unforgettable. Thank you!  If she comes to your town, don’t miss an opportunity to study with her.” Ann Randolph –

So if you’ve been waiting for a workshop that will give you insight into how your mind, body, heart and Soul work together in the Divine Purpose of your life, then this is it. Engaging in this day will provide you with the tools to help you lean in and surrender to the will of your Soul while serving the mind, body and heart in deeply empowering and creative ways. Specially designed processes will bring your creative endeavors to the forefront, blocks and barriers will be transcended and a new sense of spiritual confidence will be born within your precious human body…. All of which will align with your Deeper Calling.

This workshop is for anyone wanting to:

  • gain deeper insight into their multi dimensional self  and it’s purpose
  • integrate the layers of mind, body, heart and Soul
  • align with their deepest, most inner Truth
  • hear the downward flow of Creativity and the upward flow of Acceptance
  • build confidence with, and alliance in, their Higher Self
  • learn how to feed all three bodies and discern between three levels of the mind
  • be introduced to five states of consciousness
  • understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy ego
  • learn how to skillfully respond in emotional situations, as opposed to knee-jerk react
  • use the Chakras as a tool for growth
  • and much more!!

This is a jam packed workshop that will leave you feeling,
Spiritually Resuscitated and One with the physical world.

Same workshop, two locations, two different dates:

1. Tahoe Wellness Center, Kings Beach – next date TBA
2. Tahoe Flow Arts Studio, Tahoe Vista – next date TBA

Investment:       TBA

To your SoulArts day, you might like to bring a Journal if you write in one and maybe your own cushion to sit on, along with your lunch and some water. Wear wear some comfy clothes that you’re happy to sit around in.

I can’t wait to spend the day with you.

To register your interest just fill out the form below
or call Kali on 530 363 5032:

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