Soul Retrieval

Soul RetreivalThere are many different processes for Soul Retrieval these days and I think it has gotten a little confusing as to what it actually means…. so this is how I see it, and how I work with it:

Your Soul is the deepest dimension of Self that is still personal. It is that part of you that travels from body to body and life time to life time. It has a reason and purpose for being here and the single most important thing for your Soul is to carry that vision out. Throughout life though we have many variables that will seek to drag us away from what we came here to do. Family expectations, societal pressure, manipulation, abuse or any number of external happenings beyond our control, as well as internal belief systems that form our own glass ceilings, all prevent us from carrying out our Soul mission… bit by bit and piece by piece we become broken off from our Truest sense of Source…. In other wrods, parts of our essential nature become fragmented and cut off and we become apprehensive about life at a Soul level. This is when depression and sadness can overwhelm us because we feel clipped at the very core of our being.

Spirit is impersonal and includes everything. In other words it has no story, yet it includes all the stories that there ever were. Soul has story. Soul both carries stories of the past and creates stories for the future. Soul is that which lives out old Karma and in so doing creates new Karma. In all that you do you are either eradicating or compounding your Karma… so it is in how you BE in all that you do that serves you best.

In the Great Chain of Being:

  • Spirit includes Soul, Mind, Life and Matter.
  • Soul includes Mind, Life and Matter.
  • Mind includes Life and Matter.
  • Life just includes Matter.

In each of these realms we have:

  • Physics that is concerned with Matter
  • Biology that is concerned with Life
  • Psychology that is concerned with Mind
  • Theology that is concerned with Soul, and
  • Mysticism that is concerned with Spirit

And because Soul includes Mind, Life and Matter, it is in any of the realms of physics, biology, psychology and theology that Soul Retrieval can be applied for smoother sailing through the realms of Matter, Life and Mind. In other words physical and bilogical issues that manifest in the body and mind as well as psychological and emotional imbalances like depression, anxiety, fear, uncontrolled anger, etc can all be remedied, to greater or lesser degrees depending on the situation, using processes of Soul Retrieval.

This is deep shadow work where we reclaim that which has been disowned and projected onto others through traumatic experiences that cause us to become fearful and loose our Soul vision.

You would benefit from this type of work if you are fearful, timid and scared a lot of the time, if you lack confidence, and/or in emotional situations, you are reactive or volatile, shut down or avoidant – which includes most of us. Being fully embodied with all of the energy and intention of your Soul is a deep and beautifully rewarding life practice.

If illness has manifested in your body, this kind of process can be a part of your healing too. We must address illness on the level of Soul and mind in the subtle and emotional realms if we are to engage in a complete healing system

Obstacles are your AlliesMany people who come to me feel they suffer a poisoned Soul. Your Soul isn’t poisoned, it has just become seriously caught up in the story of it’s karmic debt…. and it has forgotten it’s original nature – which is that of Spirit, or all pervading awareness, and LOVE, Creative Love. Here we can feel not fully embodied or engaged in life. We can feel chronically depressed and/or suicidal. We may be suffering post traumatic stress disorder, immune deficiency and/or have addictive issues to deal with.  We loose a part of our Soul when traumatizing events occur leaving us not feeling ourselves any longer. 

When we can retrieve and re-own lost parts of our Soul we reconnect with that part of us that allows us to flick the sacred switch, clear the slate and begin creating anew.

Soul Retrieval will help you integrate what has been lost for greater levels of compassion and understanding toward yourself and others and then enable you to begin co-creating your best life ever. Pain is a natural part of life… we are born, we grow and evolve and as we do we fall in love and loose it, then find it again, we make money and loose it and make it again, we break bones and they heal, we get sick and then we get better… we live in the ebb and flow of lifes seasons and cycles until one day we decay to the point where we cease to function in a physical body. From here matter and life dissolve back into mind, mind dissolves back into Soul and Soul retreats back to Spirit until we begin the process of involution from Spirit to Soul to Mind to Life and back into the Matter of Body here on Earth.

… just like how summer dissolves into fall which turns the wheel into winter before the light of spring emerges again….. life is cycles and Soul Retrieval is all about retrieving that which got left out, disowned, suppressed or projected onto others, during the cycles and phases of this life and past lives, so that we can live more wholly, more fully and more completely during this precious life time.

Pain, loss and death are therefore all a natural part of life… but suffering doesn’t have to be. When we retrieve the lost parts of our Soul we feel more whole, more complete, more joyful, more grounded in the gift of Life. We can become more inspired, more creative and more productive in higher levels of good. We’re likely to become more healthy and to attract healthier relationships.

All manner of improvement is possible – when we set the intention to heal on ALL of these levels.

This is a Sacred journey that is individual for each person. It is not something that can be done through guided hypnosis or suggestion therapy. This is deeply personal Soul work and requires analytical and trasformative techniques that guide you to the level of your Soul… here we connect to the energy and information as well as the desires and intentions of your Soul Self and find out how you really feel and what you are really here for….

After a Soul Retrieval session we then want to look at how life after the healing might look… It is a multi layered journey and one I would be honored to guide you through… so when you’re ready, you can contact me here.

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