I answered the phone this morning to a woman inquiring about my services who just oozed with readiness to change her ways. She was tired of her old excuses and the extra weight around her middle that weighed her down, bored of her repeating patterns of sabotage and was finally seeing the life she really wanted to be living… but in order to find herself in that parallel universe in which she was actually living this much more desirable way of life, she knew she would  need to be held accountable while simultaneously receiving some guidance and support. If she wanted different results this time then it was time to do things differently.

If you’re really ready to live the life that has so far proven out of reach, and you’re willing to do things differently this time, then I can be your mind coach. I’ll guide you through the blocks in your subconscious mind that are holding you back and keeping you stuck in those old patterns. Letting go and surrendering into your new world will take 98% effort and 2% Grace…

I can help you with the effort side of things and along the way Grace will find you. Grace simply happens at a certain tipping point and that’s when the miracles start to happen.  The magic all of a sudden just flows and you find you are pinching yourself because you can’t believe you’re finally living in the realm you used to only dream of. No shit. I’m living proof. You can read about the creation of my miracle baby here.

Below you will find a range of different ways in which your inner wisdom may be currently seeking extra support. See which one resonates with you and when you are ready, make the call. I am ready when you are.

For women not ready for personal support just yet – try my Sacred Feminine Wisdom Online course and learn how to tap into your most ancient knowledge and greatest power – I believe this was the secret to unlocking my fertility, I wonder what it could unlock for you?

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“You are whole, complete and perfect just the way you are…. AND there is plenty of room for improvement too”

(Suzuki Roshi)

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