Rejuvenation for a Healthy Life-style

You want a weekend rejuvenation and healthy life-style learning retreat if you:

  • keep promising yourself you’ll start to live a more healthy life next week, next month… next year… but you never do
  • are too busy to figure out how to live life with greater balance
  • are someone who over works and under recreates
  • are someone who has a lot of stress on their plate and doesn’t know how to switch off and unwind
  • find it hard to pull it off on your own and don’t know where to start, or have started but need to go deeper now.
  • are starting to gain extra fat around your waist or butt that is forcing you to either buy bigger clothes or squeeze uncomfortably into the current ones
  • are a sugar addict or a couch potato and stuck in a rut you’re unable to get yourself out of – but WANT to
  • are feeling the stirrings of life getting away from you
  • feel like it was meant to be easier than this but don’t know how to change it
  • know your negative thinking and outdated beliefs could do with an overhaul

As we age we get stuck in our familiar patterns and ways of doing things and making change seems more challenging than staying the way we are – even if the way we are doesn’t feel that great. We get away with it for a while, but after a lifetime of toxic overload on the body in the form of excess sugar and alcohol, overeating and under exercising as well as negative thought patterns and debilitating belief systems, we start to run a-muck. Organic change in the form of illness and disease and mental imbalance such as anxiety, stress and depression are all the results of an imbalanced lifestyle and negative programming.

But change is often easier than we think. And I’d love to show you how easy it can be. It doesn’t need to be a long complicated, hard out, fun-hating ride. Being a bit of a Zen girl, I like the middle way and the 80/20 rule works for me too. 80% light, 20% dark. We gotta let our devil out from time to time… But I think you know how to do that… I want to show you how to let your light shine the way in a way that the dark side can still play when s/he needs to.

Spend Friday night to Sunday afternoon with me at a one-on-one custom designed retreat to fit your healthy lifestyle learning needs. Or weekdays can be arranged too. I will take you through a healthy lifestyle weekend of yoga and meditation, nature walks by the river and healthy eating. When you leave you will take home with you a “Just Zen It” meditation CD and “The Right Road” self-hypnosis CD to keep you on track (both written and recorded by me), as well as all the recipes you ate to support you. If you want to include any therapy like Hypnosis, Reiki or Soul Energy Clearing – all of which will lead to insight and knowledge, transformation and change – then we can custom build your retreat for your needs with a marginal extra investment.


Your basic investment (excluding any extra therapy or follow up guidance) is $600 and includes:

  • pick up and drop off from New Plymouth airport
  • two nights accommodation in your own room
  • linen and towels
  • vegetarian meals
  • self hypnosis and meditation cd’s
  • yoga (optional and to suit your level)
  • meditation practice
  • stress relief breathing practice tools
  • interactive Q & A
  • a Snap Shot of your mind with the Tarot
  • general healthy lifestyle discussion throughout the weekend.

This is your opportunity to construct a healthy way of life. Bring your questions and your challenges and I’ll build the retreat around your needs. We’ll find a way you can live a healthy lifestyle that works for YOU. I am also available for ongoing coaching and support via Skype call after your retreat.

To find out more, see the photos below and please contact me for more information.

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