Re-engaging with the Divine Feminine

Revealing the Goddess WithinWe are evolving and growing through levels of development like what we have never seen before. We are certainly alive in the most profound of times. But that doesn’t make it easy… in fact it can be incredibly challenging. There are forces and fields of energy beyond our conscious ability to perceive influencing our every move…. some are conducive to our higher goals, and some are heavy and constrictive, loaded with outworn energy that simply just holds us back.

But it is time to really show up in the world. We can no longer be small, fearful, afraid, blocked or held back in any way. Sri Auro Bindo said that “if there is to be a future it will wear a crown of Feminine Design”…. in other words, the Divine Feminine is revealing Herself in us all and it is up to us to take our seat and let HER flow.

If you are finding this process challenging, you are certainly not alone. We all experience fear invoked within us and via our Feminine Shadow everyday – but a lot of it is “Shadow”, something from experiences of the past, both this life time and many, many life times before, that holds us back as a Collective. Yes we are moving forward. Yes we are making progress…. but there is a LONG way to go…. and, whether male or female, it is our time to feel into what the Divine Feminine is seeking to reveal within us. When we do this we can begin to really show up, fearless, full, whole and complete. 

It’s time for the fiercely, sweet warrior to show Her face!

It is our time to make the path easier, for ourselves and for our children and for their children. Shakti is the Creative Impulse. So it is our moral obligation to listen a little more deeply to what is seeking to emerge in us all so that we may evolve and grow beyond our current conflicts. It is our time. And the Goddess is revealing Herself through us and in the world today so that we can step into our highest Truth. 

How might we do this? Consider including one of the following meditation practices into your daily life:

1.   Sit to the rising and/or setting sun and, from a place of stillness, watch it appear or disappear. As you sit still and watch, reflect of the sleep you’ve just had or the day you’ve just had and become aware of all the gifts of the Goddess you have to be grateful for. All the world, including your body is the gift of the Goddess, a gift of the Divine Feminine. Sit here for at least 5 minutes. 15 – 25 is better.

2.   Sit and, from a place of stillness, watch a candle flame burn. Watch how it dances. Watch how it transforms and flickers from one form to another. Concentrate on just the flickering flame. And as you concentrate on just the flickering flame begin to ask what in your life you could now be letting go of and what you might start to call in in its place. Open yourself to a place of letting go of old worn out structures and belief systems and notice what new comes in its place. Do this for at least 5 minutes. 15 – 25 is better.

3. Pick a song that moves you emotionally in some way and dance to it. Before you start, sit for five minutes to offer a prayer or an intention into the dance. Then when you are ready to start, crank the sounds up and let her rip. Dance like no one is watching you and put it ALL in your dance. Dance ugly, dance crazy, dance wildly. It matters not how you look, but more that you move, let go and release. Offer it up to the Divine Feminine and then notice how much more FREER you feel.

It’s time to clear the way of that which is heavy and constricted, weighed down and obsolete, so that we, as a Collective can open to, and create, a more expansive, open, lighter way of life and love, learning and growth. It’s time to flow and its time to let the Creative Impulse of Shakti dance Her way into reality in a far more visible form than the past two thousand years.

What might the future look like if we opened to a way to a crown of Feminine Design???


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