“With 2020 just around the corner there are unprecedented things to talk about… from how we be in modern intimate relationship, to how we parent and educate our kids in a radically different world to the one we grew up in, to how we live our authentic purpose as well as pay the bills and live a sustainable life, to how we heal the rift between the masculine and the feminine, to globalization and how we save our planet and our humanity, to creating a world where our children can live, to who America votes in as their next president, the list goes on and on…”

Kali Carmel Cathie

What do we talk about on It’s Time to Talk: Podcasts for the 21st Century?

  • It’s Time to Talk is an opportunity to engage in conversations to elevate consciousness and generate true health (aka mind, body, heart, soul and finances) through heart-led offerings and authentic living.
  • My prayer is that they offer insight and clarity to your most authentic life purpose so that you embody the freedom to choose, and the courage to live, a life that inspires others to live their own goodness, truth and beauty in their daily lives too.
  • I pray that in so doing you empower and activate your most abundance-producing offerings for yourself, your community and our planet.
  • I hope to bring some energy and momentum to normalizing authentic living, re-humanizing humanity and celebrating goodness so that more and more peoples actions in the world are not only intelligent, collaborative, constructive and sustainable for us all, but that they also contribute to more and more moments of joy, play and love in our individual hearts.
  • It’s time to talk is about humanities deeper purpose at this time, while being real about the future of both the human race and our one planet.

If the description above resonates with you and you want to have a recorded conversation with me about something that is firing in your heart right now, then DM me here. I can’t wait to sit on the cosmic couch with you and dive into the fire of whats REAL today.

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