Philosophy Behind Living From Your Soul

You are living from your Soul and clearing energy on ever deepening levels when you encompass the following:

  • A knowing that by simply being embodied as a human being you are spiritual. To say “I am spiritual” is to state the obvious… we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.
  • You live in the Now, knowing that this is the only moment in which you can create change… and that after a period of time you can look back and notice a whole string of moments that bought you to this place Now.
  • You believe that on an absolute level we are all One with Spirit and that on a relative level every little human thing you do is important.
  • You have faith and believe that all is in Divine and perfect order. You Trust in the divine and perfect outcome of all things knowing that all is always well, even when all is not well. Everything that is unfolding is supporting the ever deepening growth of your Being.
  • Knowing that everything is comprised of energy and information – even matter such as your body and nature – and has a certain level of vibration.
  • Knowing that everything is evolving, even Spirit.
  • Each of us are a spark of Divine Creation, living life in a unique version of human form. As such, we each have a moral duty to show up from the essence of our Soul Self – nobody else can do this for us… only you can represent the Divine in the way that you can when you live life by the seat of your Soul.
  • There is only One True Self – of which we are each a unique expression. When we speak from the depth of the One True Self, we feel through the One Heart, speak through the One Mouth and see through the One set of Eyes.
  • You are a spiritual being, not a human doing. But it is by your actions that you accumulate confidence, wisdom and learning in all levels and realms of life.
  • Eating in a way that helps you maintain a high level of vibration keeps you connected to your Soul Self. In yoga this is Satvic living.
  • Meditation and yogic practices build the bridge to living at your highest level of vibration; as does time in nature because it rebalances your energetic field and realigns you with Mother Earth and Source itself.
  • Connecting to and living from your Soul Self gives you the conviction to manifest your unique voice and potential in the world and to not be effected or dictated to by that which does not align with your Truth.
  • Self Love and Self Respect are key in living by the seat of your Soul. Only in this way you are you able to share your knowledge authentically and serve others in their path.
  • Your beliefs will limit or serve you. It is up to you to recycle old beliefs that no longer stretch you in positive and constructive directions.
  • It’s ok to say no, that’s what Free Will is for.
  • An attitude of Gratitude is mandatory. There is ALWAYS someone in greater need than yourself.
  • It’s not so much what is happening, but how you are responding to what is happening.
  • A victim mentality is draining. Your Soul Self never feels like a victim.
  • Past lives are exactly true unless of course they’re not. What really matters is that you learn from the stories of the past to grow and evolve in the now. You are an evolutionary creature living in an evolving cosmos, it’s up to you to transcend the past and create a better world in the future.
  • An ingrained belief is that it’s never to late to course-correct. If chaos and trauma become an enduring feature in your life, then you go back to the fork in the road and make some different decisions. Chaos is initiatory to a new level of growth – welcome it and know that this too shall pass, but it is not meant to be a way of life for eternity!
  • You understand that you cannot control anyone or anything outside of yourself. So only focus on changing that which can and accepting that which you cannot change. If you cannot accept that which you cannot change, then there is some kind of course-correction required. It not resolved by trying to control another.
  • You know the only certainty in life is uncertainty. So you instead seek clarity.
  • You ask for what you want and you set yourself up for getting it by taking the correct action to achieve it. You do not expect it to come to you just because you made a vision board and asked the Universe to give it to you.
  • You are a co-creator in all that you do as well as being an integral part of everything that everyone else is doing. It’s not therefore always your fault. Take responsibility where it’s due and accept sometimes there is just nothing you can do. But there is always a constructive way to view everything.
  • Living an environmentally conscious way of being by eating locally, organic sourced products, watching your carbon footprint as much as you possibly can and contributing to your community raises not only your own vibration but that of those around you also.
  • By creating a healthy living environment that is aesthetically pleasing you uplift your Soul and contribute to your health and wellbeing. But it is not mandatory for either health or wellbeing.
  • Your personal relationships are the container for the majority of your spiritual growth and development. They challenge you on every level. Be weary of your own projections and learn to know when your shadow is projecting out onto the other. What triggers you in someone else is indicating your shadow is playing up.
  • Emotions are wonderful sources of information. Learn to understand their message so that you can respond skillfully as opposed to burst out with unconscious knee-jerk reactions.

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