Open to Receive Abundance and Beauty

“I think I have boulders to Abundance”, said my client in a session the other day. I wasn’t so sure. She was rich in time, had two houses and a car, was in great physical health, has mental intelligence up the wazoo and a beautiful capacity to roam freely, have fun and enjoy the playful side of life. A little more cashflow coming from a source aligned with her heart may give her more fulfillment, purpose meaning and value–yes, but that didn’t exactly sound like boulders to abundance–more an invitation to explore where she could open up to ask for what she really wants and to receive a little more.

So I took her on a guided visualization into her creative mind to see what she might come up with….

I invite you to take the same journey using the process below. Have a journal available so you can write down the answers to the questions and then return to it again and again to see how your creations develop over time.

Visualization to Open to Receive Abundance and Beauty

If you do find yourself with ‘boulders’ to abundance then let me know and we can do some excavating together.

For a more in depth practice in Creating Abundance click here

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