Old Structures Can No Longer Remain the Same

On the morning of the second day of 2016 I got in my car, here in the snowy and beyond freezing mountains of Lake Tahoe, to find my beautiful glass water bottle, left in the car the night before…

… frozen and exploded.

It was such a beautiful vessel to drink my well-tended to water from! It was a stunning purple, had Sacred geometry and beautiful words like ‘tranquility’, ‘peace, ‘harmony’ etc all over it. And it aligned with Sahasrara, our 7th Chakra for Divine Consciousness…… I LOVED this bottle!!

And now this bottle has come to her end. I knew it would happen one day… altho I didn’t see this shattering as her end….

But…. I immediately got a download from this experience that I would like to share with you as we all ponder our intentions and desires for this brand new year….

So here’s the download I got:

2016 is a year where the old structures can no longer remain the same. Things are going to shatter and explode in surprising ways. It might not always be comfortable. It might at times be down right unpleasant. Other times it will be pure relief that some structure has finally fallen down and come apart. Remember that  when one door closes, another always opens. It’s time to open NEW DOORS to NEW ways of being. We have long out-grown the confines of the current structures. This includes our beliefs, expectations and attitudes in general. All these old structures are now are GLASS CEILINGS holding you back from who you really are and why you are really here.

So…. with this in mind, ask yourself:

Who am I really?
Why am I really here?
What am I now letting go of?
What doors are now opening for me?


Where within me is the resistance to this change holding me back and keeping me small or stuck or just plain old attached?

As with all things in life, the same goes when it comes to personal growth and spiritual development, we can only get so far on our own before we need someone or something to push our booties when we need pushing, to hold our hand when we need reassurance and to mirror back to us the beauty of our Soul when we forget. Using the meditative techniques and processes that are offered in my 40 Day Inner Revolution or 6 Month Metamorphosis can provide that support while you do what it takes to remove the glass ceilings within you. This work, at ever deepening levels, can shatter your inner resistance just as the expansion of water freezing shattered this beautiful bottle. The structure of the bottle, no matter how beautiful, had become too tight and contained for the water as it took on a new form.
This is what happens when we grow….. We out-grow the structures that held us safe at one level, and expand to take on a new form graduating to a whole new level and experience of reality.

So ask yourself:

Which structures in my life are becoming, or have become, obsolete?
Am I willing to see what is on the other side of resistance/change/transformation?
Am I prepared to be the human my SacredSelf came here to be?

Transformation and change does not have to be shattering, altho it certainly can be. Sometimes you won’t get the opportunity to choose to let go yet or wait till later…. Divine Intervention will swoop in and do the choosing for you. However it is happening for you tho, I can hold a safe container for you in which you will be held and nurtured as you let go of what no longer serves, so that you may expand your consciousness to include what will now take you deeper along the path of your own SacredPurpose.

The time is now and the portal for change is open.
As our Lady Luna in the Sky waxes Her way through
the first Luna Cycle of 2016,
we find ourselves in our first major opportunity
to let the Universe assist us in our growth.

The first New Moon of 2016 was on January 9th… With the energy of the New Year and the New Moon so full and potent at this time, you may be surprised at the ease to which you are able to manifest that which you desire in your life at this time. By transcending the old structures that no longer serve you and by aligning with the deepest intentions of your SacredSelf, which means knowing yourself at this depth, you align with the wellspring of wisdom within you that knows who you really are and why you’re really here….. In so doing you will reveal deeper and deeper levels of clarity and conviction within you while simultaneously removing the blocks and layers that keep you small, stuck or quiet. Depending where you’re at in your growth path, this is the perfect time to begin your 40 Day Inner Revolution or 6 Month Metamorphosis.

It is no accident that you are reading this right now. You are ready to transcend the structures that no longer serve you and I am here to support you in making 2016 your best year yet!! Click here to contact me regarding the manifestation of your intentions and the birth of your truest, most deepest, SacredSelf for 2016. The world needs you to be you because only YOU can be you. You are unique, whole, complete and beautiful, just the way you are… and don’t you forget it. And while you do not need fixing, humanity in general could take a whole dang lot of improving! And that improvement, just like peace starts in the home, starts inside our precious individual self. Make 2016 like no other so far because we are alive in the most important of times so far. Let’s do this! 😉

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