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“The best reason to do any meditation practice is that you like it. You should enjoy it. You should be able to relax within it. It should give you a feeling of peace. Once you’ve become familiar with it, the practice should feel natural. If you have to work too hard at the practice, it may be a sign that it’s the wrong technique for you.”
— Sally Kempton, from her beautiful book, “Meditation for the Love of It.”

I would like to help you find a meditation practice that you REALLY LOVE!


It’s good to mark out a little spot in your home where you can sit each day, but you can mix it up too if that’s more your style. The value in creating your own meditation area is that you will build up a field of energy in which you begin to associate with deeper levels of consciousness. This will make quietening the mind each time you sit easier and easier. You can sit cross legged in full or half padmasana or lotus pose, or be in a variety of other cross legged or seated positions, or you can even sit in a chair. You can lie flat on your back on the ground or you can walk around. It matters not how you sit or which technique you choose, more that you pick a method and just start. Whether you are in stillness or movement matters not also. What matters is that you are mindful. Mindfulness occurs when you develop the capacity to watch your thoughts as they arise and then continually bring your awareness back to your point of concentration, back to your chosen technique.

Because your mind WILL wander. That is what the mind does… Thinking thinks. Just as Feeling feels, Hearing hears, Seeing see’s and Tasting tastes. The mind thinks. The job of meditation is to build spaciousness so that as Sensing arises you become the witnessing container within which the sensing arises…. you have senses AND you are more than what is being sensed. Just as you are more than what you hear, taste and smell you are also more than what you think and feel.

So to say “I am angry” or, even worse, “You’re an angry person” is incorrect. There are angry feelings arising – they come bearing important information and it takes a certain degree of mindfulness to extract that information in a skillful way. This is what meditation teaches us to do – extract the information that the arising of the senses brings. To extract the information in the sense of smell or taste is often relatively easy in comparison to that of our feelings. So one of the biggest reasons to meditate is so we can become more emotionally intelligent.

Another reason to meditate is to transcend our robotic conditioning and reconnect with the deeper nature of our True and Infinite Self – or our Soul Self – that part of us that exists beyond the physical realm. We are Infinite Being’s… yet we are raised to believe that we are finite beings limited to the physical body. Year upon year of conditioning piles ideas and constructs upon us trapping us in belief systems that limit our ability to function as our True, Infinite Self. Meditation is the key to “emptying the cup”, stripping the busy-ness back and un-learning all that has bound us up in knots.

Like I said before, it really matters not which technique you adopt, what really matters is that you put some time aside each day to be in Stillness and re-connect with the Truth about who you really are – which is as an Infinite Being.

More to come, like us all, this page is a work in progress… perfect for now with plenty of room for evolution and growth!

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