Living as a Body of Cosmic Light

waterfall shirley inverted color 2(There is a free mp3 meditation at the end of this post)

At times, I forget my Co-Creative Powers…. I forget I have a Sacred Self who never enters into the stream of time, as well as guides and unseen helpers, who live in the Field of the Quantum Realm orchestrating each moment of my life… I forget that they are busy clearing the Way of any obstacles that may hinder my growth and leaving the ones, or putting new ones, that will wake me up more and keep me on track. I forget that they are bringing into my experience of life the people, circumstances and situations that my Sacred Blueprint demands in order for my Soul to serve the Dharma I came here to. It’s as if I ignore my dearest older Sister, She who plays in the field, with a fierce and unrelenting persistence and mischievous generosity that is devoted solely to my own evolution and growth… and yet, at the same time, She reminds me that evolution is not even relevant. No it’s not.

Because within me lay innate all the tools I will ever need… and all I ever need to do is look inside, reconnect to who I really am, and use them.

And why do we forget??
Because we were never told
in the first place
that this was the case…
It was never reinforced….
and so,
as we got older,
and matured,
and decided
that the realm of imagination
was just for kids,
we forgot….

And so to remind myself of my Original Nature, I sit in the Quantum Field of infinite possibility and remind myself who I am… that I am a particle of light and stardust, inside of which every cell is Consciousness…. and that the same matter in our rivers and oceans runs through the veins in my body… and that my bones are made from the planets and the stars…. and that whole Universes live inside my genes. Yes, I am an infinite Being with infinite possibility unfolding within and as this version of me embodied as Cosmic Light in human form. So if you call that evolution then, yes, I am evolving… but all I’m actually doing is Re-Membering (putting back together) that which I forgot was true about me.

I am a Being of Cosmic Light….
Living in a Field of Infinite Possibility…
Intrinsically Endowed with all the Tools I will ever need….

And the same that is true about me, is also true about you and everyone else. But as life unfolds and we participate in the ‘story’ of our own lives and others, we accumulate a denser, more heavy, field of energy, that we then carry around with us. And like carrying anything around for a long time, it eventually makes us tired… and weary…. if we don’t put it down… and take a rest… and remember what it’s like to move around without it. If you’ve ever been on a long distance hike where you’re carrying with you a pack of food and change of clothes and tent to sleep in, food to eat, camp cooker, flash light, etc etc, you know that the smallest things become a heavy item you think twice about packing…. and you know what it is like when finally, at the end of a long day’s hiking, you remove the pack and walk around without it…. it feels as if you’re on the moon… you feel so light and free, as if you could jump as high as the trees… and where before you thought you couldn’t walk another mile, it now feels as if you could walk another ten.

Well, your energy field is just like this…. we accumulate memories, emotions and beliefs from the experiences we have and we layer them on top of our field like lumps of wet mud that dries into a heavy external shell, armoring us up in an effort to protect from more of life’s unfolding ‘stories’. And this armoring has us turn to the likes of alcohol and cheese and pasta and cake, or heroin (it’s all the same in the end), anything to weigh us down and make moving around as difficult as possible… because the more small and stuck and quiet we are, the less risk we take and the more down and heavy we become…. and this is exactly what ego wants so that we maintain the uncomfortable comfort of status quo!

We simply must forget the
debilitating ‘stories’
we’ve told ourselves over the years.

And instead,
take time to Re-Member
(put back together)
that which you really are…..
a Body of Cosmic Light…
living in an infinite Field
within, and as,
Infinite Possibility.

I can’t stress how important it is to take the time to remember who you really are!!  To just breathe and remind yourself that you are Cosmic Light…. to be in nature and feel how your body entrains so naturally with the energy and vibration of the oceans and rivers and mountains and trees….. because it’s all in recognition of being cut from the same interwoven cloth. The realm of imagination is not just for children… it is the Causal Field from which everything comes. Buddha said it first – “Your thoughts become things”.

So use this meditation to Re-Member your Self… your True and Sacred Self. To Re-Connect with the Body of Light that you are. To Re-Member your Power, and the Blueprint or SacredPurpose of your Soul in this life time… Vision… Imagine… Sense and Feel… what it’s like to Be a Body of Cosmic Light and let the wisdom of that Light inform your next move…and your next and your next….

And at the end of the day remember Dr Howard Thurman’s quote…. that life is not about asking what the world needs…. it’s about asking what makes you come alive. If it, whatever IT is, makes you come alive it will make others come alive too. And that is what the world most needs… the Cosmic Light of ALIVENESS.

Here’s the meditation. When played once or twice a day for a few weeks it will re-organize your field so that you are channeling more of your SacredTruth and manifesting more easily your SacredVision for this life time….

A Meditation for Living as a “Body of Cosmic Light” – right click this link here and save link as

… or just press play. Be still and Re-Member (put back together) that which is True about you…

Until next time, with love and Soul and Cosmic Light
Kali Carmel

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