Is My Mind too Busy to Meditate?

Many people believe that because their mind is so busy they can’t meditate. But it is because your mind is so busy that you MUST meditate!

You are not your thoughts. Yes you have thoughts, but you are more than thought and the sooner you stop believing the next thought you have, the sooner you stop identifying with your thoughts, as if they ARE you, then the sooner you will find the kind of freedom that is real Freedom. The discipline of meditation is your key to this Freedom. The kind of freedom that can go into the supermarket and not need to eat all that stuff, that isn’t even food, that is making you fat and miserable and craving for more. It’s the freedom you have where you decide to do something good for yourself and you actually follow through with it. It’s the kind of freedom where you know what you believe and you are not swayed by well-meaning loved-ones to be or do things that aren’t in alignment with your true intention – and you feel good about it because it’s your truth.

Meditation is the pathway to the ONE True Self – of which you are a Unique and Authentic expression.

So if you have a busy mind, then it is time to pull the ego in, reel the mind in, and invite the quietness in… because the busy-ness is not who you really are. It is just a facade… a hoax… a trick to make you think you are these thoughts – but it’s just a pattern that keeps ruminating. Deeper than these thoughts, deeper than the waves on top of the ocean, is the vast, open, beginingless, endless expanse of Divinity that is who you really are.

When we express our intentions from this place we are walking, talking and Being Truth. Here there is alignment. Here addiction, anxiety, angst and anger all become our liberation and we are set free from these things, free from clinging and craving, free from thankless want. Instead we open into a way of being that is pure and true, simple and real – and it is absolutely Free from all that holds you back now.

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