The Cosmic Marriage thru Hypnotic Dream Work

Hypnotic Dream WorkLast night I had dream…

…an intoxicating dream….

A beautiful, grounded, focused, strong, musically creative, handsome looking, South American guy, was wooing me with his guitar and songs written ‘just’ for me.

In the dream, he was someone who I’d been seeing around semi frequently of late, but he lived in another town – to be more accurate he lived in another town in a different country…. but he arrived in my town, at this particular house on a certain cross road, more and more frequently…

…and he came on a bus, with a lot of highly creative and inspired people….

It had an amazing community feel of love and acceptance to it all.

In the background was always another guy, of similar description, but yet, very different, in ways I not yet know. Because he is still in the background. In my dream I am curious about him…. but I’m being very much woo-ed by this other guy, and its a woo-ing that is occurring in a brand new-to-me kind of way… there’s a sense of total ease and grace in it, no false pretenses, just a realness that is so familiar, it felt like home.

In the dream, I’m very interested in him and very open to him…. Yet I’m also aware that I am married, in real life, and have absolutely no physical interest in either of these men at all….

And then I wake up….

What on earth is this dream all about?

To interpret dreams, for myself and clients, I use Hypnotic Dream Work which is based off Jungian Psychology where different aspects of ones dreams represent different dimensions of their psyche…. so we feel into and become the different aspects of the dream and then we integrate them…. and become aware of the deeper symbology and meaning of the dream… no dream dictionaries have ever interpreted my dreams as well as this process does….

So I became the beautiful, grounded, focused, strong, musically creative, handsome looking, South American guy wooing me with his guitar and songs written ‘just’ for me…. and, WHAM, I knew that it is my inner masculine seducing me into listening to him… and he’s been doing so semi frequently of late because he wants more of a say in my life. He’s no longer content to remain suppressed, buried and ignored, and he wants this input enough to over shadow other parts of the Divine Masculine lurking within me (the other guy in the background, who may come to the forefront with a different message at some stage)…

So as I delve into this character within my psyche, buried deep within the structure of my Soul, I realize that a part of me, that I’ve not paid much attention to in this life time, is now woo-ing me to his mercy…. AND he’s, not only, bringing with him a host of new and creative energy (the bus load filled with creative people) he’s also symbolic of the capacity here for community interaction and growth (the amazing community feel of love and acceptance).

He is not only from a different neck of the woods to me, but he arrives from an entirely different realm (the different country)…

…because he, at this time, at this particular juncture of my life (a certain cross road), with this dimension of my Soul psyche (this particular house), is so very foreign to me (the different country and culture that he comes from), and has, until now, been relatively unreachable…. (until we can perceive of different realms and dimensions, we can’t access or utilize them). And for me the linear, more organized ways of conducting the business of life have been pretty much absent… I’ve been far more connected with the cyclical, non-rational realm of the feminine….

But the me in the dream was open and ready for all of this newness…. (not resisting it or feeling guilty about being married)… but deeply receptive to this different kind of strength that was focused and goal oriented (he was about connecting only with me)….

…it’s about accepting the flow of the Divine Masculine in and as me in this human woman of a body. And the message is that I can’t ignore the Divine Masculine any more than I can the Divine Feminine…. the two dance as the ONE.

And I’m going to get personal here, because I know I’m not alone in this experience…. The trigger for this particular dream was that yesterday I had someone, a man, tell me that “Every single man in my life, including my (darling) father, have let me down” (huge blow to my little self) and that “not one of them has supported me in the way I’ve needed” (digging it in, deep).

This hit hard.

Because I didn’t actually believe it was so. But it hit in a way that resonated so deeply that I became even more fully aware how big this nugget is for me, in this life’s works. Not because it’s true, because its really not, but because it’s how I’ve, subconsciously, perceived it to be, when in actual fact, its been my own inner man that’s been letting me down and not supporting me in the way that I’ve really needed him to and I’ve, still subconsciously, been projecting it around to be about the men in my life.

This is what we do when there is shadow involved – we all have it, and we all do it.

We push away, or dissociate from, or project onto others, that which we feel is too ugly or not good enough, right enough, full enough clever enough, or, on the other end of the spectrum, too beautiful and fabulous, to be true about us. In this case, where I’ve been letting myself down through the more masculine lens of support, instead of taking full responsibility for that, I’ve been, through my little-girl ‘story’, referring to the men in my life who, actually really truly, do support me, as if they didn’t. The person who made this observation was merely reflecting back to me the way I’ve been projecting it to them, and onto him too.

This work, and these little nuggets of insight, no mater how they’re dished up to us, always tend to take a rather large slice of humble pie to digest before we come around…

…but I saw this one immediately. I didn’t like it and it didn’t feel good… but I could also feel an immediate, and large, lift of weight from my shoulders as my conscious mind slowly realized that this particular house of cards had collapsed.

If it wasn’t about them, and it was in fact all about me, then I could do something about it… and the relief in that eye opening discovery bought me home to myself (just like the ‘just like home’ feeling in the dream I would have later that night).

This is how Shadow works, until it comes into the light we cannot see it… and then, when it does, we finally see it for what it is…. it suddenly seems oh so obvious and then, BHAM, another layer peels off and we become more aware of our deeper truth, our deeper light.

So at the time there was a beautiful, if not deeply uncomfortable, conscious insight had at the time, but this dream, thru using hypnotic dream work, helped me to understand, sense and integrate the deeper sub conscious influences that are now unfolding witin this Soul psyche….

This particular layer has been life times of work… lifetimes of the Divine Feminine being suppressed by the Masculine,

…to the extent that now, so I could actually experience a greater fullness of Divine Feminine energy in this life time, the Masculine was being totally disassociated from. And this is when shadows are created in the psyche.

It’s time for the Cosmic Marriage to happen on an inner level within each and every one of us.

It has to happen on the inside before we can expect equality to manifest more obviously in our physical realm of day to day life. Working with our dreams is one way to do it. Working with feedback from a loved ones that triggers us, is another way. Regressing back to the psyche of the Soul upon incarnation is another. Using all three of these ways together though is a super powerful practice… and it’s what I did with myself with this particular experience which resulted in a beautiful release and letting go of heavier ideas that have not, and will never, in any way, be of service to me.

…. and it makes me chuckle the sacred chuckle at how deeply precious our human selves really are 😉

So if you have a humbling truth flung at you that digs so deep it might just be true, or a dream pop up where you’d like to do some Hypnotic Dream Work/Soul Psyche investigation for the purposes of release, letting go and moving forward on your own train, just contact me and we will set it up. Both Skype and in person sessions are available. This work lightens your vibration and the energy you emit into the world thereby opening your field to attract more and more of that which resonates at more and more awesome frequencies… and who doesn’t want that?!
I am so blessed to call this work my Bliss 😉

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