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Watch the videos below and read on to find out more about how Hypnosis can help you bust through what blocks you and create the life you want to live. You should expect an average of three sessions. A first session can take up to 2hrs, second and third sessions are more likely up to 1 1/2 – all sessions $150. Of course you’re like the onion with many layers and the spiritual seeker in you may like to dive even deeper…. it’s your call on how deep down the rabbit hole you choose to go… but one thing is for sure, you will be surprised and amazed at what is possible when you set yourself free from that which is tripping you up and holding you back in life. You’ve tried one way for most of your life… how about trying another, easier way for the next chapter?

 An Introduction to the Mind and how YOURS is working:

Hypnotherapy uses a natural, yet altered, state of mind (or consciousness) that allows us to retrieve sub conscious information that we may then review consciously and objectively in a therapeutic setting. In this way we are able to witness the deeper mind and make alterations, or tweaks, in our hardware, so that we run more efficiently… more openly, more lovingly, more peacefully, more confidently… more of whatever it is you need in your life in order to move forward fearlessly. During the process you will find that you can obtain higher states of awareness that will help you function more peacefully in your life. Then through Self Hypnosis and affirmations you practice at home until you can hold that state of consciousness as a constant – this is when transformation occurs.

An Introduction to Hypnosis and what drew Kali to it as a practice:

Your sub conscious mind can be friend or foe depending on how it is programmed and, just like the hard drive on your computer, it needs intelligent programming that is updated with all the latest information and understanding you have as an adult so that you align your dreams and goals with your actions and ways of being. But if we don’t know how our sub conscious mind is programmed, we often get caught in habitual knee jerk reactions that are born out of our conditioning and earlier or past life defense mechanisms – which likely no longer apply, or serve, your situation today. Hypnosis is the art of uncovering these defense systems so that we can update them for Now time. Because this work evolves your emotional maturity and coping skills, it will often involve growing up parts of you that are emotionally younger so that you may fully and completely be the adult you are today, move forward as this and live the life you were born to live.


Hypnosis is separated into four different categories.

Click the orange links below to read more about how each one can serve you:

Classical Hypnosis – to aid you in the realms of weight loss and negative patterns with food, addictive habits like smoking and excessive drinking etc, insomnia, depression, anxiety, fears and phobias… and any negative patterns.
Spiritual Hypnosis – to aid you in finding the answers to the bigger questions in life; like “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?”, “What is my life purpose or Souls’ intention?”, “Why does the Universe exist?” etc…
Birthing Hypnosis – to aid pregnant women to deliver their baby safely, naturally and pain free.
Self Hypnosis – to aid in re-programming your mind to align your actions with your dreams and goals. When you sign up for Kali’s newletter, better knows as being Love Notes from the Goddess Within you’ll get a free 20 minute self hypnosis cd. The box is top right of this page.


Sessions are available world wide over Skype call.

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