Hypnotherapy for Past Life Regression

Back in 2007, in the thick of my exploratory years, I was approached by TVNZ’s 20/20 to do a documentary using Hypnotherapy for Past Life Regression. They got three different people, all of whom I’d never met before. They each had life debilitating phobias that they wanted me to cure through Hypnotherapy practices in Past Life Regression. I had only one meeting with two of them and two meetings with the other… each session was several hours long… and all three had miraculous recoveries from what had become debilitating phobias. Pete Cronshaw, the foreign correspondent, says that “seeing is believing”…. I say its all exactly true, unless of course its not…. what do you think?? See the video below and please, please write your own perspective in the comments section below…. Or if you want to go a step further and explore your own blocks and barriers through Past Life Regression and decide for yourself on an experiential level… then contact me now and we can hook up a session over Skype.

To explore my past lives and to gain a more integrated understanding and experience of the meaning and purpose of life was the whole reason I got into Hypnosis in the first place. I always believed there was more to life than this body and this mind that I have today… and I also knew that there was more than chance meetings and random insight into strangers than met the eye.  I had always felt like I came into this world knowing and sensing more than what I was bought up to believe. I rarely took things at face value. And nothing else could explain the whole mystery of life to me better than Past Life Regression (PLR). At least back then anyway.

And the energy of Past Lives seemed to follow me around too… as in that I became the hypnotherapist in a 20/20 documentary on Past Lives back in 2007… which you can watch above.

But it all came to a head for me in the summer of 2003 when I read Syliva Browns book “Past Lives, Future Healing”…. and it put a bee in my bonnet that I couldn’t shift… it was like a seed had been planted that I had to let grow. It was a seed I would have no control over…. One minute I was in the middle of a hair dressing apprenticeship and the next I was waking up to how deeply miserable I was and that a deeper, stronger calling was now screaming at me to get the F on with it.

And so I did… I quit my job, deeply upset my best friend and mentor, and I told my husband I was moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico… and I bailed….

I just didn’t have a choice….

…. it was something I had been interested in ever since I could remember…. Back at University just over ten years earlier I remember getting all upset that the Psychology curriculum didn’t seem to have any Soul to it, no Soul, no past lives… just a mind?? That didn’t make sense to me? How could I study a whole degree in psychology and not meet Soul? How could there be just this life, this mind, this body? There had to be more….

Make Room for yourselfI’d tried the clairvoyant path… gone down the whole New Age route to so many mediums and had lectures, mostly from my dead grandfather…. I’d had other so-called healers tell me about my past lives…. But there was something mythical and magical about them all that didn’t add up to me. There was no ‘great chain of being’ that could connect it all together with any degree of fathomable intelligence at all…. it all just seemed so archaic to me – even back then…. I wanted more… And I wanted it to come from my own inner source. I didn’t need someone else telling me what was going on for me… it needed to be experiential… I needed to feel it in my own body-mind. I needed to know from my own higher source/inner Guru…. I just didn’t know what that was yet… but I did know I would know it when I found it.

And I did find it…

Years later all I know is that at the higher levels of understanding I really truly don’t know… but at least I know that from a deeper, more awake and informed, place now, a place that understands that’s just the mystery of life and there is no problem to be had with that… it’s just part of the cosmic joke as my Zen Master would say. But there is nothing mythical or magical about it. There is a great chain of being and it has a hierarchy that goes from gross, physical matter at the lower end, through body, mind and Soul and up to Spirit/God/Goddess/Shiva/Brahman/Allah/Absolute/whatever, etc at the other end….. and at each level there is a branch of knowledge that modern day Western Psychology wasn’t acknowledging. I was on the seekers path and I wanted to know about soul, Spirit and the Absolute.

And so I went inside… and I went still… and quiet… and I listened…. and I listened deeper… and have been now for several years…

There’s many ways into this sacred body of Knowledge that has been, on the whole, mostly limited to Eastern Philosophies… my way in was through Past Life Regression and it has deepened over the years through yoga and meditation and by studying the work of Integral Philosopher Ken Wilber.

So back in my ‘seeking’ days I underwent many different past life explorations of my own (and perhaps in a future post I’ll gather the courage to expose that part of my search with you because at the time it was very real, very personal and for a while framed the fabric of my personality, which I later found to be a house of cards that we periodically have to let tumble to the ground so we can rebuild at a higher level of order… but we can go into that later too).

Since then….

I’ve guided a thousand or more others into their own historical stories…. some even had future stories, others in different worlds and others as beings different than humans… (because past, present and future is discerned as a simultaneous timeline in the subconscious mind)

Egyptian timesTen years later its hard to explain how my experience, perception and interpretation of past lives has now changed. Ten years ago I believed it was all absolute truth. The stories were intricate with amazingly clever plots that would cross weave from the past to the future with an insight and intelligence that could only be the making of Consciousness itself. And they were so vivid – both the ones I explored in my own psyche and in the ones of my clients that I piggybacked along with. As the therapist I would have experiences where I would entrain with my clients to the degree that I would have visions of their past lives and be there with them… I’d know what was happening before they spoke it out loud. I have many memories of suddenly being a slave in Egypt, a black cotton picker, a hung woman in the time of the so-called witch. I’d be there with them as they would relive the story themselves… and I too as part of the Collective had lived each story myself.

They would be so cathartic too. The stress and strain, the pain and struggle, the fear and anxiety, the anger and the frustration that would be let loose in my office, in my own mind and in the psyche of my clients was awesome to say the least….

…. and the lightness that would follow once the dark cloud portrayed by the stories of the past had been lifted was always simply awe-inspiring.

Because history has been soooo brutal. So much violence, war and oppression. The shadow of our past hangs over us whether we’re aware of it or not (- even, I would later find, if its not our own personal past). And a shadow will always effect you – even though you’re not aware of it. In fact it is exactly what you are not aware of that will effect you the most, which is what makes hypnosis such a brilliant tool for liberation – it brings what is shadow into the light where you can become aware of it, let it go and move on more fully, wholly and completely in this life time today.

Certainly the best reason to remember a past life, is to forget it and let it go.

In the beginning of my journey I took all this as confirmation that these were Absolute and True past lives – I didn’t yet grasp that that these stories just fell in the middle of the great chain of being – and that by the time we got to God, to the Absolute, that there was no story left to be had… for at that level there is just I AM. Period. There is no me, mine or I for a story to be told from.

So I see it more now as a grand Pool of Collective Consciousness from which we each draw the stories and analogies that will serve us the most as we wander around, each a part of the whole, connected to the shadow and the light of our Collective past. Isn’t it duality after all that we have come here to experience? The wisdom in the past life process just comes from our Higher Intelligence in picking out a story that resonates with us enough to help us break through the block or barrier that initiated the session in the first place. And that block or barrier is simply a result of having forgotten our essential nature…. again all part of the the cosmic joke…

So now it doesn’t really matter to me if the story is true or not, for how can we ever know anyway? What matters to me now is that the Collective and cultural shadows of our past are lifted and enlightened, freed and transcended…. whether it be like the girl who was burning to death in the bombing of Horishima, or the teenage boy that couldn’t sleep because he kept waking up to the smell of burning bodies from the holocaust, or the countless women who are afraid to heal and have irrational fears of being raped, hung, burned, drowned or stoned to death, or the millions of people who still believe they are valueless because of the color of their skin, or men who feel worthless and dispensable because they are used to being sent off to war to die….. the list goes on and on and on…. and on.

Absolute, Goddess, GodWhat matters most to me is that as each individual partakes in this kind of inner work they not only free themselves but they also liberate the Collective from the energetic shadows of our past. In this way we move more and more positively and fully into the potential that awaits us as we evolve through these contracted, exclusive, competitive and oppressive levels of development and into the more expanded, inclusive, collaborative and uplifting levels that await us as we evolve back toward the Absolute. This is where the rubber hits the road for science, religion and spirituality – for as we evolve we mature into a more evolved kind of human being where we come from a place of abundance and flow as opposed to fear and lack.

So, as we explore these stories one by one as they unfold within us, whether they are true or not… something lifts, both energetically and physically, I’ve seen it more than a thousand times. It allows a shift to occur that frees up something in this life time…. and from this perspective, to me, past life regression or reincarnation therapy, as I like to call it, is one of the most valuable tools out there for coming more fully into THIS lifetime, as well as being a precious step in healing and evolving the human race as a whole.

As each of us does our own inner work, we heal the Collective. 

While we may live life again in another body and another time… you will never, ever live in this body in this life ever again. So THIS lifetime is precious – and it is the only one you have right now. Freeing yourself from your past stories, whether they be true or not, is one of the most important things to do in this life time. Memory is all a mixture of fact and fiction… and its been proven over and over again that if you believe it to be true, you will manifest it in your life. This applies to that which you are both aware of and not aware of.  If your subconscious mind is holding destructive memories that you’re not even aware of, then you are holding yourself back in ways you can’t even imagine. And I would LOVE to help you break through them so you can evolve into the best possible expression of yourself in this lifetime.

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