Hypno Dreamwork with the Elephant and the Bedouin Community

Elephant Pic flippedI’m currently in the middle of a 6 week detox and one of the many boons of this process is that sleep quality increases while simultaneously my dream life again becomes super vivid. And last night was no exception. From numerous dreams, one stands out in particular… and I’m going to tell you about it and how I used Hypno Dreamwork to uncover the deeper meaning and Sacred Message for me at this time, so that you too may interpret your own dreams and find your own Sacred Message….. And this one is especially pertinent because it’s a continuation of 2016’s unfolding theme for me that Old Structures Can No Longer Remain the Same, and you can read that blog post here. It’s about how I’d found my beautiful purple water bottle, the one with sacred geometry and high vibrational words recalibrating my water, frozen, exploded and shattered in my car on New Years Day. And while initially it was a sad and humble truth to witness, what came as more obvious, as a download from the Goddess Herself, was that no matter how beautiful the structures are that have been keeping things together, they are now holding us all hostage in a world gone seemingly mad.

Things simply have to change…
in a profound and, as of right now,
unimaginable way.

And we, as a Collective, need to
undergo a radical transformation in how we practice life.

That transformation begins with
each and every individual doing their own inner work.

In the post about the shattered bottle, there was no real indication as to “how” we might go about this change… until last night. So here’s how the dream went….

It was a Middle Eastern type of city setting… with a massive square courtyard paved in large square stone tiles. Surrounding the courtyard were old stone buildings, lots of straight lines and flat roof tops. And in the middle of the courtyard were five or six huge, dark grey, nearly black Elephants… and they were charging at the wall encaging one side of the courtyard. When they reached the wall, in one seamless maneuver, they rose onto their hind legs and, placing the front legs up on the wall, pushed it down. With that kind of focus, momentum and team effort, the wall came down in one hit and collapsed it to the ground in one solid piece. Then, from through the collapsed wall and dusty clouds of rubble, arose… seemingly random I know, a Bedouin Community… a bunch of dwellings made of multi colored fabric and lightweight sticks. And this small, flimsy looking, new structure just kind of glided across the courtyard chasing the Elephants away….. And the Elephants ran… away… some where else… leaving this new structure to find it’s way in a new land….

That was essentially it. Yes there was more to the dream…. and the rest gave me information too… but this is what we will work with here… And yes, it seemed random to me too…

So I did “Hypno-Dreamwork” on myself…

… and deconstructed it to find it’s meaning.

In Hypno-Dreamwork, an incredible and highly effective process I learned more than a decade ago thru the amazing Hypnotherapist and teacher, Randall Churchill, in which we assume that each part of the dream is a different aspect of our psyche, we become the different parts of the dream so that we can know what each character in the dream feels like, how it thinks and what it’s greater game plan is for us. In this way we can work out the Sacred Message in the dream. I’ve done this countless times with myself and clients…. and I’ll be happy to hold the space for you to personally interpret the deeper wisdom in your own dreams too… but here’s how this one panned out for me….

So I became the courtyard first…. I felt into the walls and their structure, the stone tiles and their feel…. I became the courtyard… and then I gave myself the stem sentence “I’m the part of Carmel that is……” I always use Carmel during therapy, because Kali doesn’t need therapy, SHE is already Ultimate Freedom! But Carmel, like the typical mere mortal that I am, she needs therapy! So I’m being the courtyard and I finish the stem sentence and I get “…. the ground of all being, the old structure, the old way…. I am the part that must now come down.”

Ok… so my theme continues….

Next I become the Elephants charging at the wall…. I feel into their fierce focus, the purity of their drive… there is nothing else in their intention apart from to take the walls of the old confines down…. And I ask the same stem sentence….. and I find that “I am the part of Carmel that collaborates with others to remove the old structures.”

Collaboration is a Feminine Value…
and if we are to find a new way,
we must re-engage with the Divine Feminine
who is the force of Change, Growth and Evolution itself.

Next I become the Bedouin Community gracefully rising from the rubble of the old structures and gliding across the courtyard turning the Elephants around and running them in the opposite direction…. I feel into the vibrancy of the colors and softness of the fabric and the flimsyness of the sticks that held these more transient walls together…. I feel into what it’s like for this community to glide across the courtyard, the old structure, while elegantly and effortlessly shooing the Elephants away…. and I find that “I am the part of Carmel that is the beginning of the new way… strong in focus and intent, but fleeting… I set the course for what is to come by clearing out all outworn ways of containment, domination and control through graceful elegance and an open heart. And I don’t have all the answers, yet. That will take more collaboration.”

Wow that was kind of cool….

So why did the Elephants run from the Bedouin Community? I thought they wanted the old structures down so that new could arise? It was time to become the Elephants running away from the Beginning of the New Way… I feel into their retreat and I feel fear…. so I become the retreating Elephants with the fabric construction chasing them and do my last stem sentence to find that, “I am the part of Carmel that is afraid of change, afraid of the new way, fearful of the unknown and unsure how to proceed next.”

And my Inner Critic pipes up, “….we’ll who isn’t? This is a global issue!”

So one of the final steps in this process is to put it all together to find the message in the dream. Now I get clear reinforcement from the previous shattered water bottle message, that Old Structures Can No Longer Remain the Same and that it is going to take collaboration with others, and especially the Divine Feminine, to remove the old structures.

But here’s where I got a new hit on what might follow…
that being, that the new era is not yet here…
that we are the surfer riding the wave at the end of this era
and the next set hasn’t yet come in….

We are still Co-Creating the next era!

And so this new era will arrive in a softer, more delicate form, and it will not only be so subtle that we must be careful not to miss it, but it will also be transient and fleeting because it is not the new structure that will see the new way of being fully in… it’s a stepping stone in an evolving process… we’re still Co-Creating the next stone. It’s kind of like laying down train tracks… we’re on the train and it’s hurling full throttle into the next era, but we’re simultaneously also still laying the tracks right in front of it.

And we’re afraid of the entire process!

We don’t know what it will look like. We don’t know the lay of the land or how to approach it… because we’ve never been there before. But must we be always be afraid of what we don’t know? NO! I don’t think so. And yes of course too! Because Yes, our Collective nervous system is likely to spike and create the expected level of anxiety that we always get when we feel the fear and do it anyway, but to not go, to not change, to put our head in the sand, or run away from it, isn’t going to contribute to the Co-Creation and Collaboration that is now required of us all.

So the vision I have received from this dream is that True Transformation requires a whole new paradigm… And on a Global Level that is going to be one we’ve never before seen in the history of humanity. So we’re going to need to completely overhaul our beliefs, attitudes and ways of being. Because we have never before been here. And here we are in a state of global crisis. We’ve never had this many people on Planet Earth. We’ve never asked so much from Mother Nature than we are currently demanding of Her, and She is responding to us in ways we have never seen before, and there is much yet that we will see. Yes, She might acclimate, like many life forms do to change, but She might also withdraw Herself, or essentially become extinct, from our reality as we know it, and no longer appear in the form we are currently familiar with.

This kind of True Transformation
is going to take a level of Self Awareness
that far exceeds any we’ve needed till now.
It’s no longer just fundamental security
and Lower Chakra needs that require our attention….
now it is about Deeper Compassion,
Higher Intelligence
and Co-Creation
at unprecedented levels.

Building the new era is a task for each of us. We all have a hand to play in this game. No one can do what you personally came here to do so only YOU can take your seat in the world today. ONLY YOU. But you are not alone. This has to be a collaborative project because it will take all of our Higher Intelligences to dream into being the new era that is now called for. And that is what the 40 Day Inner Revolution begins and the Six Month Metamorphosis deepens.

The process of True Transformation requires a molecular change to happen, which most of us are truly afraid of. And the example of water, a liquid, freezing and re-forming as ice, a solid that requires a larger vessel for it’s containment than it’s previous liquid form, is a beautiful analogy for what True Transformation really requires…. a complete breaking down of one structure in order to create a new one.That example required glass to break, the old housing deemed useless so far as future support for the new form was concerned anyway… with the right care and attention it would still make beautiful recycled glass jewelry…. which would deem it True Transformation because an entirely different form, purpose and way of being, would result from the process. The caterpillar transforming into a butterfly also requires True Transformation. And the same goes for us personally as we engage in practices that remove the walls keeping us stuck in our own inner courtyard. Unfortunately it is the nature of the human condition to hang on to the old forms, thoughts, beliefs and ways of being, because they are all that we know. Which is what it turned out this crazy, yet incredibly vivid dream, was all about.

Because if we’re not mindfully awake,
then no matter how beautiful or safe the form that was holding us together might have appeared,
all that happens is that structure becomes more like a prison holding us back,
keeping us small or stuck or quiet…
contracted in an old form, an old structure,
that no longer serves our continuing growth….
and instead,
often quite unknowingly,
simply holds us back
from our SacredPurpose
and why we’re REALLY here.

And this is what is happening in society with humanity at this time. We have outgrown the out worn and obsolete constraints that the likes of (Goddess help us) Donald Trump wants to reinforce, should we elect him as our new President. I can only pray that fearful contracted way of being doesn’t have it’s grips so tightly wound around our collective groins that we let this happen.

So let’s do all we can to find that unwavering part within us that simply knows there is a better way… and then do the inner work we need to do to draw that better way into our three dimensional experience of reality so that we may create a future that our children can actually work with. The time is still NOW!

Contact me to set up a free consultation where you can have your questions answered regarding your best fit by clicking here.

Until next time, dream big, feel the fear, and push the boundaries out anyway.

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