Goddess Practice for Daily Life

Sometimes life is hard. Other times life just flows. But however life is showing up, I’ve come to appreciate it more fully and deeply with Goddess practice for daily life as the lens through which I approach things. In daily life I feel the Feminine Face of Spirit in Her many forms dancing as Consciousness in and through my body; She is living Her life as me.

The Feminine Face of Spirit is the inherent power, the Shakti, within the all pervading Awareness and ground upon which all else is held. Without this power, that awareness would be lifeless, purely inert. Invoking the different Feminine Faces of Spirit, or simply recognizing when their Shakti is at play in any moment of life, invites us into the more subtle realms of consciousness where the act of co-creation is continually unfolding. Here there are structures that offer us a playground within which to root so that we may rise to any situation with the kind of support that holds us from beyond our humanness.

The following goddesses are the core three in my daily practice. I practice with many more, but these are the three I return to again and again. They offer fundamental support in many ways, as you will see.


When I feel Her as Durga – She Who Is Invincible – I feel Her clearing the way. I feel Her swords swishing through the field around me, through the chaos of the world in which we live, and within the chatter my own mind. She stands up for me when neither myself nor one else can, so that I can re-member the infinite potential that I really am and allow Her deeper wisdom to flow. I feel Her grounding me through my base chakra with a primal wisdom that instinctively knows, like the lion that she rides, both what move to make and when to make it. I feel that same energy as a powerful reserve with crystal clear focus, able to protect those who cannot protect themselves on the one hand, and destroy structures that do not serve on the other. I feel Her muscles and structural integrity as mine, Her mind and intuitive insight as mine too. She is me. I am Her. And when I chant to Her I invoke Her presence in the field within me and around me, as She who saves the world, when nobody else can. She grounds me through my base chakra into the belly of our Mother, reminding me of the ground upon which I walk, stabilizing mind and body, and rooting me in the present moment, so that I can rise to the next. She connects me to the rhythms and cycles of our great Mother Earth reminding me that our collective mind reflects our collective world – and that the only way my finger can point is inward. 

Try this meditation to find out how She lives through you in the world from one moment to the next:



When I feel Her as Lakshmi – She who Is Abundance, Creativity and Beauty – I am reminded that there are four paths to wealth. I have gone into detail about Lakshmi’s different paths to abundance in this blog here. But I wanted to include her here as She is a huge part of my daily practice. Once Durga has cleared the way and grounded me in my authentic truth, and whenever I sway from that authentic truth it is Durga who brings me back, and then the graceful play of Lakshmi’s loving care and generosity can flow. The first path through which She flows is Dharma – relationships with both people and your path in life. Once your Dharma is grounded and atuned to your right path for this phase in life, She can flow through Artha – financial wealth, and the means that supports your Dharma. It’s important not to treat Lakshmi as an ATM machine and to trust that as you invoke Lakshmi by honoring Her, being Her and abiding within her that She will flow as a felt sense of deep seated ok-ness in this physical realm. In other words, don’t just turn to Her when you need money. Turn to Her always for She is the steward of daily physical life. Abundance is more often than not felt as a way of being in the world before it cha-chings into your bank account in the form of cold hard cash. So I seek to feel this abundance through gratitude and grace, even when I have been living on the poverty line. The third path to wealth is through Kama – pleasure and play and the means through which you enjoy your physical embodiment. Lakshmi loves to play and be mischievous. You can feel her when the corners of your mouth turn up in that way that makes your eyes feel like they are sparkling with the secrets that you keep. The fourth path to Lakshmi’s abundance and wealth is through Moksha – liberation; and your path to Saraswati. Lakshmi therefore invites us to use the physical world as our highway that integrates the physical with the sublime, the mundane with the transcendent and our embodiment with radical freedom.

Try this meditation to find out how She lives through you in your daily life:



When I feel Her as Saraswati – She who is Intelligence, Knowledge and Speech – I am a clear channel for Her divine inspiration and wisdom to flow through my beingness and into my life. My thoughts and ideas are clear and intelligent. I act from an informed place and the words that I speak or write flow out of me from a place beyond my thinking mind. I feel Her alive in my words, flowing gracefully, eloquently even, and with discernment. She reminds me to be impeccable with my word and to always hold sacred the notion that words are that which lay at the beginning of all manifestations. Saraswati is the energy, the power or the Shakti, within creation and She is the energy behind the big bang. Before the worlds were the worlds, Brahma needed Her power to carry out his Dharma as Creator. And like any artist seeking to create anything the process of creation had it’s four phases. The first being to gather information, inspiration and ideas. The second being to gestate, which can sometimes looks like procrastination, and at a certain point can become procrastination, but for a period of time the process of gestation is imperative. At a certain point the gestation period naturally slips into illumination. This is the phase where Saraswati arrives as the Muse who inspires the channel of creative flow to launch into the fourth phase, that of translation, where what was once an idea is now illuminated and translated into manifest form. The prerequisite for any of this process to launch into action, apart from practicing with the other faces of the Divine Feminine who help to clear the way to this more subtle realm, is to get out of your own way, so that you can. And to get out of your own way I invite you to ask the question: “Who am I really?” Who are you without thoughts, ideas, emotions or expectations? Who are you when you find your way into the crystalline clarity of the infinite wellspring of wisdom that lays innately within the consciousness of your precious human self?


My prayer is that you too will find the loving arms of these Feminine Faces of Spirit wrapped around you, holding, supporting and loving you in infinite ways. May this practice give your humanness an opportunity to become integrated with a deeper and deeper re-membering of the consciousness that you already are.

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