From Resolution to Creation

FlowI’ve finally realized that my whole life has been about fixing things?! I play a really good “Fixer” role. I have made fixing my Self a lifetime vendetta and have spent a LOT of time resolving mental, physical, emotional and spiritual type issues of this that and the other (a process I am sure will persist as sand continues to pour through the hour glass). I’ve been fixing everything in this life that I can, everything in past lives, everything I can in the life between life times and in the womb from this life and other lives! I guess I must have made up somewhere along the line if I could become aware of it in myself, then surely I could fix it… and maybe then I would be a perfect, confident, functioning, happy, productive human being?! Maybe??! It’s so funny how we think – regardless of our education?!

Along the way a part of me realized I needed an income in order to survive here on planet earth so I made a full-time job out of fixing all of this for other people too – a Fixers dream come true?! A Fixer always needs to Fix things… so the relationships I invited into my life have largely been based upon my ability to help them get fixed. Conversations I have with strangers, like the gas meter reader and the water filter guy, generally tend to end up in some kind of process of resolution and of course there’s all those people that don’t want my help, that I used to try to help too.

It seems we live in a society that is based upon dramas and dis-ease, and we thrive off of it because it gives us something to do – something else we can FIX; the resolution of which will make us feel good. But we’ve become totally deluded if this is what we WANT to be doing!!

It is time to graduate from the drama and dis-ease of resolution and move into the pleasure of positive and productive CREATION. We are Creators… we came here to create. Each and everyone one is us is a Divine and Beautiful, Unique Aspect of GOD. And, if God created everything, then we are all mini-God’s manifested into these bodies with the purpose of Creating. And we did not come here to create drama and dis-ease! We just did not come here for that. Well I didn’t … and I’m not THAT unique!

I think we came here to create Peaceful Bliss in the realization of Love and Life in Physical Form. We came here to enjoy the physical pleasures of a transcendental Oneness.

In order to do this we need to shift our perspective to take in more. We need to move from Resolution to Creation. It’s time to CREATE the world we incarnated to live in. It is up to us to manifest the environment we want to live in. And the time is NOW!

There is no body else out there that is going to help us to do this. It’s up to us. As one spiritual teacher would say, we have all flown around in enough aeroplanes to know there is no God sitting on a cloud up there waving a wand and doing it for us. It is time to Create. And WE, as Divine Aspects of God, have to do it ourselves.

It’s time to Wake Up MORE and Create.

So… I think we need to take a look into all the areas of life that need attention… And the good news is that there are only FOUR areas of life that cover it all.


You take a look into each of those areas of your life and ask yourself this:

How critical do things have to get in which areas of my life before I really wake up and step into the purpose of my life??

And then ask yourself:

What if I approached everything in life with an unblocked, free flowing, creative perspective that was open to taking in more perspectives than the one I have now?

How productive and CREATIVE would I be then?

How would I do things differently?

How could the World be different if we all started to increase our Awareness in these four areas?

Think about it. I certainly am and in so doing am coming up with a new teaching which will be called Life Formula. (Stay tuned for the launching of which will really open up these four aspects of life and how deeply we can look into each of them, more will follow as the concept grows here too).

I’d love your comments and feedback, ideas and inspirations. I love the stimulation I get from peoples questions and I feel that prompting them in public forums etc will get other people thinking about them too. Just thinking about questions of a Higher Conscious nature contributes to raising our planets vibration.

Be free, flow with your life… and laugh and jump around a little.


3 thoughts on “From Resolution to Creation

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