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If you know me, you know I love and live for Goddess practice… that is Tantra… that which unites polar opposites and embodies Divinity in precious human form. I am also a huge advocate for creating financial sovereignty and personal freedom in general so we can cast our vote by how we spend our dollars. I dream of living in a world where humanity is healthy in mind, body, heart and soul… in other words – KIND and LOVING toward each other! 

So I call to the Goddess Lakshmi and Her Lord Vishnu… That which Sustains worldly conduct, and I am led here…. read on… there’s meditations to practice with at the end of this post, as well as a way in which you can join me in creating radical abundance and freedom in your own life… but between here and there, lets get to know how Lakshmi shimmers in your world….

There are many faces of the Goddess of which Lakshmi is but one. You experience in the world around you, and you embody within you, each and every one all the time, and at some times, one more than another.

Bringing specific focus to Lakshmi includes four different paths to wealth….

1~the wealth of righteousness in life path and relationship, your guiding purpose,
2~the wealth of success and your connection to that which supports your purpose in life,
3~the wealth of health and that which fuels your success, pleasure and joy in the physical realm, and
4~the wealth of personal growth that leads to liberation and freedom.

Each are independent of each other… and each infuses and imbibes the others too… and I’ve found a way to live life fueled by these pillars in a daily lifestyle….

Here is a talk I did with our local community one evening as a near full moon rose in the evening sky and my one year old played with his 11 year old sister-friend.

Create Abundance through Lakshmi’s Four Paths to Wealth…


To Create Abundance by invoking Lakshmi, read on….

Lakshmi is the one within you who is abundant and fertile, generous and bountiful. She has a mischievous smile, is wide awake, fully aware, and very playful. Her consort is the Cosmic King, Vishnu, he who sustains the worlds and keeps worldly affairs in order. So it is Her Shakti that empowers his intentions. Without Her presence sustenance of the worlds cannot be maintained. Together they Sustain the worlds. So to honor Lakshmi is to honor the planet and life itself. For when She is not honored, She withdraws Her attention, presence and love and everything in the Cosmic order wilts and dies – notice what is happening in the world today as multi billion dollar companies have just “make more money” as their model for success…. the shadow side of Lakshmi is greed and over indulgence with a focus on accumulation.

What She looks like….

She has four arms… the hands of the front two arms are held one palm facing out and up in the mudra of “Fear Not” and the other is held out and down in the mudra of “Bestowing Boons”. She has long flowing black hair, white skin and large almond shaped eyes. And a mischievous smile. She stands or sits on a lotus and is often seen with gold coins dripping from the palm bestowing boons; although in more recent years the gold coins have been omitted from many deity representations of Her by those seeing money as “un-spiritual”. While it is important to not use Lakshmi as an ATM, it is also important to recognize that money in the hands of those awake and conscious is a desperately important necessity of our time. Please use the guidance of Lakshmi to learn how to value yourself, your time and your offerings, because if you can’t pay your own power bills, etc, how you can possibly expect to shine the light of your spiritual self to it’s most beautiful and brightest?

Lakshmi illustrated by Ekabhumi Ellis in Sally Kemptons book, ‘Awakening Shakti’


How She shows up in the world…

You will get a feel for Lakshmi in the lushness of Mother Nature; in the bountiful display of fruit and vegetables in a Farmers Market; in the plentyfulness of fish in our oceans, lakes and rivers; as the wildlife in the forests; and birds and butterflies on sunny days. She is in every form of abundance from stacks of money and gold to every form of human love – from the coming and going of romantic interludes, to deeply fulfilling blissed-out intimacy, to the love felt for a child.  She is found in all the gifts of Worldly life and Spiritual freedom too. And it is Her within you that wants to include everyone, regardless of race, color, sex or creed and it is Her too that wants to create a Sustainable world for the children of the future.

Invoking Lakshmi…

The best way to honor Lakshmi, or to invoke Her in your experience of life, is by being Lakshmi – think Second Chakra. Lakshmi likes to be surrounded by all things Good, True and Beautiful – from attitudes to people and things. And She loves a clean house and clean feet too. Yes a manicure and nail polish pleases her greatly! She likes an ordered financial life so Her gifts can be received in respectful ways that convey gratitude and care, as well as produce acts of generosity and kindness for no apparent reason. When we honor Lakshmi, we honor the environment as a whole, including people we don’t know and have never met, the animal kingdom and the world of plants and all things living. 

Goddess of Sustainability…

She represents everything that we value in the world, including the planet itself. She is the goddess of sustainability in every sense of the word. She helps us look at how we hold this planet. She shows us what society values… so Her shadow is a merky one when it comes to greed of physical things, and that plays out in humanity effecting the planet, as we can see and experience in the world today. It’s up to us to bring conscious intention to shifting the current shadowy aspects of this face of Spirit.

Chant to Shri Lakshmi ALL the time!

The mantra is Her ‘sound’ form. It purifies the mind, reorganizes the neural pathways of the brain and reprograms belief systems to more serving and sustainable ways of being.

Mantra: Om Hrim Shrim Lakshmi-bhyo Namaha

Hrim: seed syllable that invokes divine creativity, the power of manifestation
Shrim: seed syllable that invokes the divine quality of auspiciousness and purity. Abundance and Nurturing
Lakshmi-bhyo: addresses Lakshmi using one of Her names
Namaha: I honor or I bow to (the auspiciousness of Lakshmi and in that way I draw her into me)

How you know Lakshmi is in your life….

When Lakshmi graces your life, things line up in a manner that just flows. The right job comes at the right time, an offer on a house is accepted and received in your favor and you have enough of everything you need and a healthy body with which to enjoy Her boons. You feel good about yourself and you allow yourself to receive. You enjoy all forms of pleasure and different forms of art and creativity. And most importantly, you FEEL abundant. You FEEL, successful. Just having the FEELING of Laskhmi in your life infuses more of Her abundant nature into your experience of physical, daily life reality.

She is about all different definitions of success, not just the traditional definition of success. She’s about your definition of success too.

Invoke Her for Fertility and Creativity…

Lakshmi has long been considered one of the main aspects of Shakti (Divine Feminine Power) that you would invoke for pregnancy and the healthy delivery of a baby. She was a huge part of my practice when I got mysteriously pregnant…. mysterious seeing as so many doctors had told me that wasn’t a likely outcome without donor eggs and IVF treatments….. read about my miracle baby here

She is also who you invoke when you want to experience more beauty, abundance and creativity on all levels.

Lakshmi’s Shadow…. 

Be careful of the other ways in which Her shadow may manifest though, such as in lack of self love and obsession with material wealth and photoshopped beauty. You obsession with lack and poverty consciousness is a sign that Lakshmis shadow is at play in your life. When you simply open and let Her subtle energy flow through you, you radiate health and happiness, beauty, abundance and joy, naturally. And in so doing She creates for you experiences in life that will align you with more abundance in all it’s various forms of wealth. If you are bogged down with thoughts of not-enoughness, chant Her mantra, call Her name, create beauty around you, donate to charity, do something nice for someone, mow the lawns, paint the walls a fresh new color, plant a tree, get a pedicure, do whatever it takes to honor beauty, generosity and kindness in your life. Lakshmi loves this and rewards it in kind. 

What I have found is that when I call to Lakshmi, from my heart with the deepest calling to which I am aware, She answers by bringing into my path in life experiences that will guide and challenge me, purify and cleanse me, opening me to that which it is I truly desire. I’ve learned to trust the flow of Her tides, how She waxes and wanes with the moon and my attitude.

Creating a Life of Abundance in ALL Four of Lakshmi’s Paths of Wealth…

If you’re interested in creating a lifestyle that will give you time and location freedom, financial sovereignty and creative license to be authentically YOU as you manage your time however you please, then come walk with me on a path to abundance that will stretch you in the realms of health, wealth, community, purpose and personal growth. You can contact me here. I’m looking for passionate people who aren’t afraid of digging deep into their soul and truly showing up in the world. People who want to create residual streams of income by sharing health and wellbeing, by collaborating in conscious community and pushing their own edges. I want to work with people who are inspiring and who want to radically change the American diet. If this sounds like you then lets chat. With Lakshmi as our guide to sustainability, with our hearts wide open to better ideas, I know that together we can create a world that we can be proud of passing on to our children. If this lands in a way that inspires you then let’s get together. We’ve got work to do!


Lakshmi Meditations – My gift to YOU 

Tuning into Lakshmi Energy


Lakshmi Meditation to Access Your Inner Beauty and Worldly Abundance

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