The Controversy of Tarot Reading

This blog is in response to someone who called me a ‘fortune teller’ because I offered Tarot Readings.

I’ve been reading the Tarot cards for more than thirty years and yet I have never told anyone their fortune. And I never will. But I will connect you to a deeply beautiful dialogue with your Soul – which can serve as simply beautiful in it’s own right, or as a springboard into deeper one on one therapeutic work. In the following post I reveal a personal reading of my own and elaborate more on how I read the cards.

I got my first deck of cards when I was 13 years old and they immediately spoke to me in a way nothing or no one else ever had. They knew me. They knew me like no one else, not even myself. And they knew me developmentally by being able to point out certain rungs of growth I might be facing in a certain moment. In time I would come to know this as the paramount distinction between what made the reader of the cards a fortune teller or a facilitator of critical growth. I would also come to realize that the cards held a very specific consciousness that when used with love and respect would act as a portal to our deeper desires, intentions and longings… in other words, a portal to our soulful self.


How I read the cards thirty something years later is very different to how I read them when I was 13 as developmentally I have shifted substantially and significantly since then. But they still astonish me at their capacity to see through my facades, shine light on my shadow and guide me in an aligned and auspicious way… and that is because I read them through the lens of their developmental potential; a lens that not only describes ones current developmental activity, but also leads guidance as to where the next line of development is seeking to emerge. In this way the reading is more about your way of being as opposed to that which is happening.

The above reading in the photo is one I laid out for myself for the remaining months of this year of 2018. I wanted to glean some intuitive insight into where my own shadow might be lurking so I can better navigate the terrain I now find myself walking. Seeing your own shadow is not typically something that is easy to do for we instead disown it by seeing it in others. This is not the typical kind of reading I use with clients, but if you want this kind of insight, just ask. For clients I generally lay out what I call “The Snap Shot of the Mind Reading” which is a reading that points to the mind and the soul and how the two are communicating at this time; which in turn points to potential pitfalls and forks in the road that can lead us into a beautifully deep and rich, life coaching kind of conversation – again not fortune telling, not predicting certain events or outcomes, but deeply probing at the perceptions held at this time and the ways of being that can be activated for smoother sailing.

How you perceive life to be is generally how it unfolds…
so you may as well perceive of the life you intended to live…
and activate the ways of being that allow you to live the most grounded, yet motivated and aligned, life path.

But this reading was for my own personal self so I could sit with shadow and to be guided by the cards and my deeper self to hopefully more gracefully slip into the tenacity of that which is unfolding in my life at this time. I knew that it was my beliefs and ways of looking at things that were creating more suffering than the events of the moment themselves. I wanted insight and a point of focus for how to better navigate this current phase of the roller coaster I find myself on. So it still didn’t tell me what is going to happen. But it distinctly pointed out to me an internal theme for my way of being that I could activate to greater benefit at this time. It drew my attention to the nature of this phase of life being so new and therefore deeply unpredictable as to how it wants to mature within and through me, and that a mindset that is grounded in truth, ready for spontaneous change, and prepared for the unpredictable, will better serve my higher good than trying to control and coerce. This reading tells me to unlearn the rules (again), not cling to routine, and most importantly to find my own sense of self appreciation and validation – from within myself. It drew my attention to the notion that the need for external approval has again become like a drug that I suffer severe withdrawal from when I don’t get it. So these cards remind me to look within for my self appreciation, to deepen my insight more, and to reconnect with my deepest truth. This reading reminds me, and highlights as important more than ever right now, that when I live from this place I don’t need anyone else to tell me I’m ok, or that the path I am walking is a valid one. Because I feel it in my bones. It tells me to cleanse myself from the need for things to be smooth and predictable, that within that clinging lies the suffering. In letting go of the need for things to be a certain way, to be smooth and easy, etc, is just making everything harder.  It also highlights the importance in utilizing my tool box of tricks that keep me feeling clean and clear. So this reading doesn’t tell me what is going to happen, but it tells me how to navigate that which happens by reminding me of my innate power and strength to simply be ME, and to do whatever it takes to remain connected to my truest Self.

From reading the cards in this way, my soul highlights how my mind can approach things differently in the second half of this year, for this next half of the year will be one of finding routine within non-routine and that this structure to daily life that I’ve been fastidiously trying to implement might not yield the results I am looking for, and that such egoic coercion may in fact block me from the bigger and more creatively fantastic picture that is trying to happen It reminds me that my true nature is open and flowing and is aligned with Source/Spirit/God/dess and that what is trying to happen is going to happen anyway, so let it… even tho all the books I’ve been reading have been telling me that a baby needs routine and blah blah blah… well perhaps so and perhaps not here, and time will tell. It is a reminder to trust my own intuition, that just because a book, or some personality, tells me a certain path is the one and only way, it doesn’t mean it is the one and only way for me at this time.

Big Self Knows. Little self just gets in the way!

In this way, the reading, in not telling my fortune, reminds me to instead release, surrender and let go… to buckle up and go for the ride. It reminds me that by sitting in the surrendered stillness of not knowing that I do know and that I don’t need a plan or structure showing me the way, because my deeper truth is leading the way. In not telling me my fortune, I am instead reminded of my Way. I am reminded that, without my meditation practice, I have the tendency to seek control of my path. And I forget that I do not have control, and then I suffer again because things aren’t going the way my little me self would have them go. But when I use my tool box of tricks, and get out in nature or get quiet in some way, and when I drop in and tune in to my deeper Self, I get clear, and I know exactly what to do and when to do it. So I don’t need a plan. I don’t need to know whats going to happen. Instead I stay open to receiving the unrelenting wisdom of that which is seeking to flow through me at this time.

That is how I read the cards. If you want your fortune told, then I suggest to sit really still and get really quiet. And listen more deeply than you have ever listened before. And then listen even deeper… listen in through the portal of your heart, your spiritual heart, the energy center that resides physically behind your sternum, in front of your spine, in the center of your chest cavity… but which expands to infinity to unify with the Global Heart and the deepest wisdom known to both human being and God/dess. Here in lies your access to Truth and the only fortune that ever need be told. Controversial, not really.

For more on Tarot Readings the way I see them check out this link here and if you want to book a session with me you can use the contact form here. We can work together over Skype or telephone or I can record and send to you… or come see me in my office 😉

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