A Connective Visioning for Women

I would like to share this short visioning process with you. Because today, being the 20th of January, is inauguration day…. that means Donald Trump is now in the house. For many of us this is a frightening, dark and hopeless prospect that is going to exacerbate separation and discrimination, for others it’s the Nation praying for change, and any kind will do, altho everyone has their own ideas of what that might look like…. for some it is a welcome sign of hope, not so for others. Many visions, fears and hopes in between.

Personally I am an eternal optimist and while I seek to keep 20% of my awareness on the issues, problems and challenges that may arise, I seek to keep a stronger vision on the 80% of awareness that see’s a hopeful, brighter, more collaborative future. And from that place, this radical shifting of the guard from one totally different reality to another, is a huge opportunity for us, as the people, to stand up, join together in collaboration and shine. For if the pendulum can swing so radically in one direction, it can also swing, just as radically, in the other direction.

I’m with the vote-for-change-crew and believe that the change that can come from us going so far down this particular path can only force us to trail-blaze into a whole new chapter of humanity – and it’s up to US, as the people, to create that new chapter.

So today while working on turning my Sacred Feminine Wisdom Online course into bite sized chunks I realized that this particular Connective Visioning is perfect to share with women today… Men can enjoy it too… but it is worded for women. I didn’t put it together for this purpose… but I would like to share it anyway as it will show you how powerful Connective Visioning can be – because you will feel it inside of you, in an undeniable way. For the more we can envision our Collective Heart functioning together as a Collective Whole – for the GREATER GOOD of ALL PEOPLE – the more sense this day can make.

Please feel free to share this as you like. Please use it as an opportunity to stop before you start back into anything, whether it be a conversation, an action or deed, an old way of being or a new way of being… use it to just drop in and connect in within yourself… and then with all the women of the world… and all the men of the world too… and within a few short minutes, you will realize yourself as one part of a Greater Whole

You can right click the link the link below to download… or just left click it and press play or download from there.

A Connective Visioning

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The full online course will be made available from here shortly


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