Connecting to the Wisdom of Sisterhood – Birthing Naturally

Hypno BirthingIt’s time the war stories and drama that surrounds the birth process of our post modern western world be transcended. In movies these stories are perpetuated by portraying women screaming and writhing in a painful pool of non-serving and limiting birthing beliefs. Western women who have never given birth are directly programmed in this way to believe that this is the way the birth must be. And what we believe to be true is what we tend to manifest as reality. But in millenia past, women would be working the fields, stop to give birth, wrap the new born baby to her breast and continue on with her work. Back then, there was not the luxury of drama.

And while I’m not suggesting each woman should give birth and then carry on – quite the opposite, as one-on-one time with flesh-to-flesh contact in a comfortable, relaxed and safe environment is imperative and wherever possible the mother shouldn’t have to leave the house or be separated from the baby for the first 40 days – but I am suggesting the unnecessary drama and fear of pain now be taken out of birth by programming the mind in a powerful and positive way. Today we are blessed with our options…. when survival was the name of the game there was simply no other option, and so they got on with it. Today’s woman is a more complex breed but imagine how it could be to give birth comfortably, naturally, while being in tune with the wisdom of both your body AND all the women who have ever given birth naturally before?

I’ve wanted to be a mother and be pregnant and give birth ever since I can remember. But no matter how hard I’ve tried, this body doesn’t seem to want to do that… (See My Most Personal Blog Yet for more on that). So, for now, I’m letting go of my needs around motherhood and have instead been focusing on women who already are pregnant. I have the skills for tweaking the mind… to perceive contractions as welcome waves of energy bringing your baby closer to the physical world… to look forward to each wave of energy and to let its wisdom ride through your body in a powerful and comfortable way.

So I’ve put together a self hypnosis program containing four processes to help women in Connecting to the Wisdom of Sisterhood, the wisdom of their Body, the wisdom of Birthing and the wisdom of their Baby. After much work, this program is now finally ready to help our mothers-to-be birth naturally and pain free. This is a set of processes I have put together that will connect you to your inner wisdom at a profoundly deep level. Here there is deep surrender, trust and love in the deeply spiritual and profoundly physiological process of birth. At this depth we have transcended the fear of pain and suffering and have embodied our woman and all of her wisdom at a deeply primal and instinctive level that knows exactly what to do and when to do it. This wisdom is available to all mothers-to-be by “Connecting to the Wisdom of Sisterhood.”

This series gently and beautifully guides you through that process so that your birthing experience can be one that is  safe, natural, comfortable and pain free.

Read more about it here and, once you’ve reached 5 months gestation, feel free to contact me to set up your One-on-one session either in person or over Skype. I have yet to convert this program to a downloadable product but as soon as I have I’ll let you know. It’s in the pipeline now.

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