Channel Your Inner Goddess in Forty Days of Power

kaliszendo_revised02Every now and then something truly sacred happens….

… and over the last year a certain way of working has evolved through the one-on-one sessions I have with my clients. In working within my own Goddess Practice – which involves meditation, mantra, journaling and parts therapy – certain aspects of Goddess now come through in my one on one work with clients. And its nothing short of awesome when it does. The energy in my office shifts in profound and poignant ways and what comes through me is no longer my own little-self ideas or projections… and what my client connects to is no longer their little-self ideas either…. instead a deeper level of insight is reached where a wisdom, that is beyond what we are each normally aware of in everyday life, starts to channel through our words, thoughts, ideas and processing – as if SHE is taking our hand and guiding us through the tumultuous terrain of everything we’ve never before known.

Now this kind of thing has been happening through me in my sessions for literally years… but something over the past few years has most certainly shifted since I’ve been studying with Sally Kempton and engaging with practices with the Goddess…. and it plays out in the dance between us each while working with clients in my chair – a kind of Trinity where the Goddess gets to experience Herself as client, therapist and transcendent Being all in the play of one juicy and incredibly transformative conversation.

This work is not of me…. it is not me. I just hold the container in which the Sacred that wants to unfold through you may flow. 

This is indeed the Divinely Inspired work of a profound and transcendent force that is extremely difficult to describe, yet potently available to feel. Insight is deepened and perspectives shift, within both myself and my clients. And a realization is reached where a switch is flicked and things will never be quite the same ever again. The heart swells and the eyes leak and pockets within our compassionate self, that we never knew were even there, open to reveal a new way of being.

In this work a new reality dawns and a path forward that was previously unseen is revealed. Like a client said today, one who earlier in the session had believed she lived a choice-less life – “Wow… now it’s like with each step, I scatter rose petals of opportunity in my life path. I can just see them, beautiful and red, scattering possibility after possibility in my wake.” And another one… again earlier today… who went from believing vulnerability was a weakness she could not surrender to, not even with her most intimate lover, to seeing it as a deep and powerful, authentic strength that connected her to the flexibility and spontaneity that could now totally transcend her previously, protectively perfectionist ways. A new level of intimacy and authentic truth could now open between her and the one she chooses to share love with. The softness of the woman who walked out was nothing short of stunning – while simultaneously strong and powerful, potent and rich in bold and mysterious ways.

In these politically complex times these are the kinds of qualities we all want to be moving forward with in the world today. The quality of deep surrender and intimate vulnerability, scattering rose petals of opportunity in our path as we bow to the TRUTH WITHIN US, with fierce grace and innate strength. In this way the daily challenge of facing our fears and enriching our hopes and dreams becomes a mysterious sense of ease.

Yes, the ground of all being is shifting dramatically beneath our feet – but it doesn’t have to be a drama. Engaging in this work gives us a new ground… an unwavering and imperturbable ground… a ground from which, not only does anything become possible, even the seemingly impossible, but so too do new trail-heads of possibility emerge.

We are indeed laying the tracks for the future, just as quickly as the train of Now hurtles along this new ground. This work is all about laying those tracks consciously informed and inspired by deeper realities than we have normally been aware of.

This work comes in the form of a Forty Day Package for Channeling Your Inner Power. You can currently choose from one of four aspects of Goddess to work with…

Durga – for building confidence and cutting through both inner and outer obstacles with She who saves the world when nobody else can;

Saraswati – for inspiring creativity, intuition and wisdom with She who Flows;

Lakshmi – for accessing your inner beauty and worldly abundance with the Goddess of blessings , confidence and goodness;

and Dhumavati – for managing disappointment and letting go with She who ultimately bestows the gifts of detachment, emptiness and freedom.

For more information and to register for any of the above 40 Day’s of Inner Power, just click here.

I only have time and space for a limited extra few at this time so use the link above to register for your 40 Day’s of Inner Power asap đŸ˜‰

I am truly blown away by what is possible when we commit to 40 Day’s of Inner Power in this Channeling your Inner Goddess Series. This is a container of support like no other. It’s so, so individually empowering in beautiful, fierce, profound and potent ways.

Om love

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