Hypno BirthingConnecting to the Wisdom of Sisterhood” is a set of processes written and recorded by Kali to help you deliver your baby safely and naturally into the world, at the appropriate time.

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  • Shorter Labor and Birthing
  • Staying Calm and in Control
  • Use in Any Birthing Location
  • Reduced Surgical Intervention
  • Active Role for Birthing Partner
  • More Contented Baby After Birth
  • Practice from Home
  • Minimal Set Up, Low Cost

This program will help you to disconnect from the “war stories” and drama that surround modern day birthing. Forget all the 7 – 12 step processes and focus on getting your mind on your side. Once you and all your preconceived ideas and programming about birth are out of your way and you are connected to this inner wisdom, you find the place within you that is able to trust in and be fully present with each moment. Here you trust that you have all the tools within you to birth safely and naturally.

The single most important thing you need to do to prepare for a safe and natural birth is program your mind to reconnect with that inner, primal wisdom that is deeper than what you are normally aware of. When we transcend our conditioned mind to this deeper level we reconnect with a primal wisdom that knows exactly what to do and when to do it.

This program has four self hypnosis tracks which, when practiced daily, will program your mind to connect with this inner wisdom in a deep and profoundly natural and sacred way. Research has proven that a mothers birthing experience is profoundly effected by her ability to trust her body and feel safe in her birthing environment and when she is at peace with the pregnancy and able to surrender to the wisdom of the birthing process. So the four tracks are as follows:

1. Connecting to the Wisdom of Sisterhood – this process reminds you that we are part of a Collective that has birthed naturally, smoothly and comfortably for millennia. Remembering this Truth and connecting to this Truth sets the foundations for your ability to surrender into the wisdom of birthing calmly confident in your own personal ability, while deeply connected to the wisdom of all the women who have gone before you. This is a great pre-condition process that will set you up for the following processes. It also helps to play this one whenever any doubt is creeping in.

2. Connecting to the Wisdom of Body – this process connects you to the physiological process of birth by helping you to act from the  primal, inner wisdom that is in charge of this birth. Connecting to, and being fully present in, the body at this depth helps the mind surrender to the needs and guidance of Body. This is something that is made very challenging once the birthing mother has been medicated. Laced with natural pain reducing programming to condition your mind for a comfortable birth, this process will set your mind at ease, boost your confidence and further deepen your Trust and connection with your body and your inbuilt ability to birth naturally and pain free. Playing this one daily, or at least several times a week, for a couple of months will condition and program the body/mind to align with the higher wisdom of the birthing process to come.

New born3. Connecting to the Wisdom of Birthing – Now that you have the fundamental connection with and support of the Sisterhood as well as that profound inner connection with your body, you are fully prepared to let go and surrender into the Wisdom of Birthing. This process will help program your mind to perceive contractions as waves of motion or surges of energy that flow through your body to guide your baby to physical life.  With further conditioning to prepare your cervix for a smooth and comfortable crowing, this process is the cream and sugar of a peaceful, comfortable and natural birth. Play this one towards the end of your gestation in preparation for your natural and safe birth.

4. Connecting to the Wisdom of Baby – During pregnancy you have a beautiful opportunity to connect with your baby in a uniquely intimate way. This process will help you do just that and to, at the same time, glean wisdom from your baby as well as impart any messages you would like your baby to receive.  You can play this one at any time you want to connect with your baby and share information with each other. 

Birthing can  be a highly enjoyable and safe experience when you are fully present and awake in your body, in tune with your primal instinct and surrendered to the guidance of your deeper, inner wisdom. This series of “Connecting to the Wisdom of Sisterhood” reminds women how natural the process of birthing is and how pleasant and profound this experience can be.

Four Track MP3 download – $77USD

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It is advised you have a one-on-one session (either in person or over Skype), at about 5 months, to address any 
fear, lack of confidence or resistance to motherhood and any other emotional blocks to process.  These sessions can be done in person or over Skype.

This is work I am deeply passionate about. As the mother to be you are the gateway for this new soul to birth through. Building the ability to work in loving, connected unison with your baby to safely, calmly and peacefully deliver him/her into this world, is the heart and soul of this process. I would love to help you eradicate any limiting thought patterns you have surrounding birth or your impending motherhood, so that your birthing experience can be an enjoyable and safe one for you both. It is important too to remember that at this level of embryonic development your baby perceives  your beliefs and attitudes as his/her own. The more constructive, positive, trusting and confident you are in yourself and your abilities as a mother, the more set up for true potential and development will your baby be. Any work you do at a deep subconscious level during your pregnancy will profoundly effect your baby in positive and exciting ways.

Please contact me to make an appointment either in person or over Skype. I look forward to working with you and helping to make your birth a natural, safe, peaceful and positive experience. 

Four Track MP3 download – $77USD

For more information and to purchase this program
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