Beliefs are Lies!

Create New Beliefs Inside the word Discomfort we find the word Comfort… just as inside the word Belief we also find the word Lie – and it is no coincidence that our Beliefs can cause us a monumental amount of Discomfort. Beliefs are designed at one level to hold us safely until we are ready for the next level of understanding – the discomfort happens when we refuse to let them go so that we may evolve beyond them. Kind of like how in kindergarten we’re taught one thing, but by the time we get to college, that same teaching is no longer relevant and would only hold us stuck if we didn’t move beyond it.

Beliefs, on any level, were never intended to stick forever as eternal truths.

It is only as we move beyond Beliefs we realize the nature of the lie that we made up (or were conditioned with) to help us frame the way our world looked at that time. At the time these beliefs were established there was generally a good and positive reason for them and they served us in some way, shape or form (or they served those that created them and those same people thought they were still serving them in some way when they handed them on to you).

But once Beliefs are causing discomfort, it is a sign that they have become obsolete and are no longer serving you.It’s in hanging onto these beliefs, believing that they are real and that they are true about the nature of reality, that holds us back and creates suffering.

So todays message is in feeling into the discomfort as it arises within you…. what is the belief that you are trying to hold on to, that is now causing you suffering? Become aware of that belief and it’s now limiting ways, realize the lie in it… and create a new updated version… a version that sets you free – until you reach the next level of discomfort.

Life is a continual process of renewal – which requires recycling. And we all have different ways of recycling. Emotions and old beliefs though need to be fully purged.

Most of us have coping skills at some level that really don’t serve us… such as we smoke or we drink or we comfort eat or we shoot heroin. Different substance. Same pattern. These coping strategies do not serve you, they just create a bigger monster for you to reckon with! Instead you want to:

  • isolate the Belief that is no longer serving you,
  • feel into the discomfort it is causing,
  • know that it is based upon a lie that no longer serves you, and
  • upgrade the Belief to a new one!

Hypnosis, in the way that I work with it, is what this is process all about. Sometimes isolating the Belief that requires attention is a long, slow and painful process on our own…. and we just need a little help. This is why I’ve made hypnosis now available over Skype so that I can work with you, wherever you are in the world, to help you bust through those beliefs that no longer serve you.

Click the link here to read more about hypnosis in general and how it uses a natural yet altered state of consciousness to help you access the parts of you that know better.

Click the link here to read more about Clinical Hypnosis and how it can help you bust through negative coping strategies like smoking and over eating and other addictive habits.

Click the link here to read more about Spiritual Hypnosis and how it can help you answer the bigger questions in life like “why am I here?” and “whats my life purpose?”

Click the link here to read more about Spiritual Hypnosis and how it can help you answer the bigger questions in life like “why am I here?” and “whats my life purpose?”

Click the link here to read more about Birthing Hypnosis and how you can bust through all the birthing war stories that could be impeding your ability to deliver your baby into the world safely, naturally and pain free.

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Thats it from me for today
with love and prana

PS. Tarot Readings in the unique way that I read them are another wonderful way to isolate Beliefs and Ways of Being that are not serving you. AND, thanks to this fabulous era in which we live, we can do that together over Skype from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

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