Are you Ready to BE the Change?

How we live our life, how we think about the world and process our emotions, how we perceive our experience of life and interpret what happens, is a conscious choice….. and its scientifically so, as you can see in this video……

So…. it takes a well overdue shift in perspective…

…. an unlearning of what we’ve been taught…. a reprogramming, updating and rebooting of our internal server….. a deleting of the old files in the computer of our brain and an uploading of new, more relevant and evolutionarily appropriate, ones.

We live in the 21st century with unprecedented issues to process….. yet, on the whole, we still “think” as if we live a hundred years ago…..

be the changeAs we evolve and grow we learn new things…. we realize that we might have stitched some things together incorrectly; destructively even…. and so we deconstruct and take them apart, we tear down the old framework, old ways of being, so we can rebuild them with the new understanding, the new intelligence, the new tools, the new psychology…. it’s a much needed overhaul of our internal wiring.

Sometimes this overhaul happens consciously, but more often than not it happens not so consciously…. and when it happens unconsciously we’re likely to experience it as anxiety, something to be afraid of or something that so completely destabilizes us that we don’t know who we are anymore… and then we struggle with it and resist it…

…. we push it away and create pain and suffering in our lives.

Ego likes to keep status quo. Ego likes to suffer because then little self knows s/he is still alive….. we can’t kill our ego like the Buddhists suggest…. because then we’d die, not just to our old self, but to our embodied self…. we need some ego to stay incarnated, without it there’s no drive…. and we can’t die yet, not as a Collective, because we have much to do…..

There are over 400 nuclear power plants across Mother Earth that if left unattended would invoke a multiple Fukishima….¬†and destroy our planet.

This may sound harsh….. but it’s our reality. We’re killing off different races of animal…. Most recently we made extinct the black rhino (which ironically was symbolized to mean wisdom)…. and, thru our lifestyle choices, we’re threatening the human race too…..

But if you’re ready to transform your status quo…. and your pain and suffering…. and if you’re ready to take on a new perspective, one that is invested in the realization that we really truly are One…. Then you’re ready to make some radical changes in your life that will better the Collective just by the work you do for yourself….

… And if you’re ready to make those changes in your own OS, then I’d love to work with you….. because any tweaks made in one individual system makes tweaks in the ONE Collective system. It really is time to BE THE CHANGE, in fact it is our Sacred Responsibility to do so.

So if you’re ready to do some rewiring in how you perceive yourself and the world and how you fit into it, then contact me now and we can get started, from anywhere in the world over Skype… lets do this…. before it’s too late.

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