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Kali Cathie – Supporting Your Soul in Being Fully Human

Kali is a Lover of Life providing cutting edge tools to empower the Divinity that lives within you to enjoy an Awakened, Balanced, Love-Filled and Peaceful Human Life. She’s a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from the American Academy of Hypnotherapy in New Mexico, a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher with Wanderlust and an accredited facilitator of the Mondo Zen koan dialogue process founded by American Zen Master Jun Po Roshi. She also has a degree in Psychology from the University of Waikato, New Zealand.

Kali is an avid yoga practitioner and a meditation junkie who’s Spiritual Teacher is Sally Kempton. She loves to read and write, connect with nature, dance, play and love. As a deep surrender to not becoming pregnant Kali threw her creativity into creating personal growth and self development tools, guiding the meditation process and helping her clients to evolve on all levels of mind, body, heart and Soul. All while learning to answer the question – “If not this, then what?” and the prayer that said “Show me the way?”

Throughout that process Kali has recently found herself pregnant and learned the truth of what it means to surrender to the play of WHAT-IS. It is through her practices in letting go that Kali has come to the profound realization that we are not in control, have never been, and will never be either. All we have control over are the choices that we make and the ways in which we respond to the play of Life as it unfolds in and through us each.

You can have sessions with Kali to help get you on the path your Soul calls you to either in person or over a Skype call from anywhere in the world. You can also attend one of the many workshops or retreats she runs throughout the year. She is now also holding both public and private group yoga classes in the Tahoe Truckee area. See above menu bar for more details.

Read Kali’s personal story more fully here.


“Through working with Kali I have been able to witness a master of her craft. Kali is a rare being, the smarts of a businesswoman who has studied deeply and the open heart and insights gleaned from a life of practice. In my work with her I benefited from all such gifts as I was expertly guided through the process, receiving healing, insight and practical takeaways. If you seek to know yourself better, to release what no longer serves, to clarify what next, gain answers around a particular issue, or all of the above, then I highly recommend you book yourself in with this wise warrior woman.” Will Pye, Social Entrepreneur, Author, Wisdom Teacher, United Kingdom – www.BlessedWithABrainTumour.com

Hello Beautiful and Amazing Kali,
“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wow! That was such an amazing, powerful and very potent (hypnotherapy) session we had yesterday – something has really shifted in me and I feel so much lighter! It feels like I am actually receiving so much more of me, all the bits I was judging and had misidentified  …….. and it feels AMAZING!
I can’t even describe what this is like – but tune in and I know  you will know what I’m feeling anyway! So much infinite Love and Gratitude for You AND for Skype for connecting us from the comfort and safety of my bedroom!”
Rhonda, New Zealand

To read more Praise for Kali and the work she does, visit this link here.

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