Come shift your perspective on reality! I’m serious…. this is a lever shifter. During this workshop we will explore, thru mantra, story telling, meditation and journaling, four of the yogic Goddesses from the Hindu pantheon – Durga, She who saves the world when no one else can, Kali, who instills inner revolution and ultimate freedom, Lakshmi, who bestows boons of abundance and beauty and Saraswati, who is intelligence and flow and the age of information – indeed it is Her time we are living in now. And if we have time, we will also explore Bhuveneshwari, She who’s body is the world and who holds it all, and Dhumavati, the one who finds ultimate freedom in letting it all go.

In this exploration SHE will be revealed within you and around you, as you and for you.
SHE needs you to have this experience, as much as you need HER to have it.

In this workshop you will experience Her
viscerally, palpably and deeply…
You might be stunned and shocked
as to how profound this experience really is….

The Goddess is within you as the Creative Impulse
and that which pokes and prods you from your creative center.
She is all around you as the world and all you see, touch, sense and feel in it.
She lives through the field of the subtle realm,
as archetypal energy in personalities and people…..

She lives your life through, in and as YOU.
It is Her who breathes you.
But can you hear Her wisdom?
Can you feel Her energy?
Do you know how to harness Her power, grace and love?
Do you KNOW Her as YOU?

Next workshop is at

Saturday, November 14th from 10am – 1pm
registration closes November 10th
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She needs you to Hear Her, Feel Her and Know Her just as much as you need Her…. Because it is YOU in your feminine body, and YOU in your masculine body too, that give Her the arms and legs she needs in this world at this time so that She may create a future that can sustain itself. This is feminism for your Soul, for our world and for our future….

The Dali Lama has said it will be Western Women that save the world…. and Mystic, Sri Auro Bindo, said that “IF there is to be  future, it will wear of crown of Feminine Design”.

So can you hear Her? Do you know how to receive Her wisdom and use it in powerful and constructive ways in your life? This workshop will teach you how to tap into and invoke Her energy and wisdom in your life on a daily basis. Not only will you learn a practice that you can do at home on your own, but you’ll be surprised and amazed, humbled and enlivened, at what will happen in this three hours!


We live in a time where there are officially no excuses left to not show up. We are indeed morally obliged to show up in our fullest, most authentic capacity and to live our True calling in life… It is time to Reveal the Goddess Within – to recognize how SHE lives and breathes through and as YOU in the world today. AND who are you not to SHINE anyway?

…. This workshop is all about revealing the flow of intelligence, creative love and power that is already within and around you so that you really do live your truest, deepest purpose – without limitation…. without fear… and with the fullest capacity for empowerment, focus, strength and love. There’s no time to continue engaging in the trade-off that tends to occur when women step up in this world today.

The Divine Feminine permeates
in and through and as us all
in all that we do…
She is the Life Force of the Universe…
how can we not include Her?

The whole world, including your body is a gift of the Sacred Feminine, and yet, both men and women, tend to forget Her and go against their deeper feminine wisdom…

Why do we do this? Because that is what we have been raised to do. We can no longer ignore Her…. it is time to reveal Her and to re-engage with Her – and that includes both women AND men. The dance between masculine and feminine is what balances us, the world itself and all that we do….. so we need to now re-engage with the Feminine to find our balance. This is a kind of Feminism of the Soul… it goes way beyond GENDER…..

This isn’t about domination, power or control.  This is about integration, collaboration and evolution. This is about recognizing that at the heart of the Universe the Spirit of Consciousness has two qualities: Awareness and Love… or the ground of all being and the creative impulse to evolve…. trying to have one without the other hasn’t got us very far. We need BOTH. And they are inseperable anyway.

It is my honor and deep pleasure to run this workshop for the first time in RENO. If you are in the San Francisco area and would like to have this workshop run nearer to you, just contact me and we can work something out.

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