Keeping Peace of Mind in the Silly Season

Seasonal PeaceNovember 2012 is here already and that means the crazy season of Christmas is nearly upon us again. I’m not sure why it has to be such a crazy time but for many it is and it can create a lot of tension in and among families. But we have ways to help us remain calm, balanced and at peace during the lead up to this time – and for the day itself.

Keep a Peaceful Mind

It’s important to remember that Peace of Mind isn’t something you have to work for, earn or acquire since at the deepest nature of Self you are already at Peace. Peace of mind therefore is more about letting go of the layer upon layer of expectation, restriction, control and judgment that you have acquired over the years. These things cover up our true nature with outdated belief systems and ways of being that really don’t serve us. If you instead make Peace of Mind your main focus, you’ll naturally begin to put your awareness on the things that reveal that which is already peaceful in your life. This calls us to be honest with ourselves, to live life in alignment with our inner truth and guidance, helping out others and being of service, practicing yoga or meditation, eating plenty of raw, enzyme rich foods and only healthy, unprocessed food, drinking lots of water, avoiding, or keeping to a minimum, caffeine and alcohol, getting plenty of good sleep, minimizing or avoiding negative people and media, surrendering to God or Spirit (or whatever you want to call the unseen force that guides and supports us in all that we do), spending plenty of time in nature and the ocean, keeping life simple and calm and not overly rushed all the time, and by saying NO when you need to. These things help us remember that our true nature is already and always has been PEACE.

Balancing Your Energy Field

There are many ways to balance your energy. One of the most simple is to sit quietly and visualize your energy field. Tune into it and sense or feel if it is clear or murky, blocked or flowing. And when you are ready visualize the cleaning and the clearing of it. Request that it be cleaned and cleared of negativity, blockages and anything that might obstruct the flow of peace from your core. The request it be sealed in the loving, flowing, energizing and abundant energy of Spirit. Another way is to see me for a Reiki Balancing or a Soul Energy Clearing which will help clear negativity at a very deep level.

Two Day Healthy Lifestyle Rejuvenation Retreat

A very new and exciting opportunity has arisen where I have found myself in the perfect situation to offer two day one-on-one Healthy Lifestyle Rejuvenation Retreats. These are ideal for the business woman (or man) who is over stressed and under recreated, who might be gaining weight (or loosing too much weight due to stress), who can’t shut their mind off and need some guidance in how to get back on track. You can flick over here for some more information on that and please feel free to contact me to arrange the perfect retreat for you.

Regardless of what Christmas means to you, find your way to stay in alignment with your truth this year. I’d love to help you do this so feel free to contact me.

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