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“Hi, I’m Kali Carmel Cathie. If I had a life motto it would be to Re-Member who you really are and why you’re really here, and go BE that.  I believe you create your reality through creating TRUE HEALTH – physically, including financially, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually and that the most powerful thing you can do for the world right now is to be your most authentic, free and sovereign self. If you’ve found your way here then you are someone wanting to live a healthy, authentic, abundant, heart-led, kick arse way of life–simply by being YOU.

“Quality of life is ENHANCED by being physically well and vibrant, creating HEALTHY attitudes, beliefs and intentions, having a CLEAR sense of who you are, how you BE and what you came here to DO in the world, and by EMPOWERING yourself to cultivate the RESOURCES you need to fund your AUTHENTIC PATH in life.”

Are you ready to bridge the gap between where you want to be and where you currently are?

Are you ready to be the change?


To Create Your Reality look at how you feed your precious human body, the way you perceive the world around you, the beliefs through which you operate, the visions that you keep and the presence you bring to each moment of daily life. If you don’t like the reality you are currently experiencing or the world in which you are living, OR you would like to up-level in beautiful and bold, mysterious, rich and powerfully authentic, heart-led ways, then let’s get together – for it is together that we rise.

This site is your invitation to dive inside your mind with me and together we will create the Reality YOU want to be experiencing and the Body-Mind through which you want to be living it in – as well as the resources with which to fund it all.

The way you live our life, and the world you live it in, is up to you. 

I am here to be your mind coach in creating personal sovereignty in every realm of life. How you think determines the reality you live in. Together with Divine Inspiration we create it.

Being consciously aware of where you put your personal energy and knowing that Universal Energy flows wherever your intention goes, gives you the capacity to be a conscious co-creator. Embarking upon a journey within the world of your body-mind, and creating the finances to fund your path via heart-led actions, will enable you to Create the Reality you truly came here to live.

All you gotta do, is say YES, and then do the work letting your intentions guide the way.

To arrange your one-on-one sessions either in person or over Skype from anywhere in the world contact me here. This is mind coaching that uses hypnotic & intuitive tools along with nutrition and true hydration so that we get deep into the healing power of your sub conscious mind. It will tweak your reality in authentic, powerful, profound, abundant, insightful and often deeply surprising ways.

With Sacred LOVE
Kali Cathie


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