“Hi, I’m Kali Cathie. If you’ve found your way here then you are someone wanting to live a healthy, calm and clear, abundant and creative, on point, kick arse way of life.

Creating the ‘Reality’ you experience in daily life is a mixture of how you feed your precious human body, the way you perceive the world around you, the beliefs through which you operate, and the presence you bring to each moment of daily life. It also means kicking your own arse from time to time. So if you don’t like the reality you are currently experiencing or the world in which you are living, OR you would like to up-level in beautiful and bold, mysterious, rich and powerful ways, then you’re in the right place.

This site is your invitation to come dive inside your mind with me and together we can create the Reality YOU want to be experiencing and the Body-Mind in which you want to be living.

Truly – the way you live your life, and the world you live it in, is entirely up to you. 

That is what this blog site is all about and that is what every offering I have is designed to help you achieve.

Attached to this blog site are the following:

Superfoods For a Healthy Body and a Clear Mind

Use discount code KALILOVE for anything on the Purium website including the 40-Day Ultimate Nutrition Plan which will include a 10-Day Transformation Cleanse and Metabolic Reset – which is what I used to get my postpartum body and hormonal mind back on track.

Your KALILOVE coupon code will get you:

  • $50 off of your first order of $75 or more,
  • or 25% off (whichever is greater)


For both one on one support and guidance, either in person or over Skype from anywhere in the world, with personalized 40 day – 6 month packages and other containers, as well as downloadable programs such as the mysterious and magical work of Sacred Feminine Wisdom, all designed to hold, support and guide you as you transition from one layer of life to the next, visit: SacredHypnoGoddess.com.


For session by session guidance – again over Skype or in person – you can use your Daily Life challenges to Access the Energy and Wisdom, Desires and Intentions of your SOUL and Break Through your Inner Glass Ceilings by visiting MalaHypnotherapy.com.

The conversations we have via these offerings and this site are all designed to elevate consciousness so that the many different ways, realms and spheres in which we evolve and grow help us each create the reality in which we most want to be living – there is infinite power in our words and the thoughts behind them. You CAN create YOUR reality.

Blog – to Elevate Consciousness & Live a Kick Arse Life

Various topics around my own life journey and inspiration are covered in my blog – including my miracle pregnancy and the birth of my ray of joy baby boy.

Being consciously aware of where you put your personal energy and knowing that Universal Energy flows wherever your intention goes, gives you the capacity to be a conscious co-creator of the world in which you live. Embarking upon a journey within the world of your body-mind will enable you to activate the power of your Sub Conscious mind and the wisdom of your Higher Self so that you Create the Reality you truly came here to live.

All you gotta do, is say YES, and then get on with it.

To arrange your one-on-one sessions either in person or over Skype from anywhere in the world contact me here. This is therapy that goes deep into the healing power of your sub conscious mind and it will tweak your reality in powerful, profound, abundant, insightful and often deeply surprising ways.”

With Sacred LOVE
Kali Cathie

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