img_1327cropped-circ“Know this…. the ‘Reality’ that you experience in daily life is a mixture of your own perceptions and beliefs. So if you don’t like the reality you are currently living, or you would like to tweak it in beautiful and powerful ways, then come dive inside your mind with me and together we can change it. That is what this site is all about and that is what every offering I have is designed to help you achieve. Conversations that elevate consciousness happen in many different ways, shapes and forms. Some are verbal, some are non verbal. Some are physical, others are energetic. Some mental, others emotional. Some are visual, others more vague. Some clear, others abstract. Becoming conscious of the many different ways, realms and spheres in which we evolve and grow helps us each create the reality in which we most want to be living. Being consciously aware of where we put our personal energy, knowing that Universal Energy flows where intention goes, gives us the capacity to be conscious co-creators of the world in which we live. Embarking upon a journey within the world of your mind-body will enable you to Create the Reality you came here to live.  All you gotta do, is say YES.”  Kali Cathie

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