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A 21st Century Woman is different to a 20th Century Woman. She knows how she cycles. She is connected to the rhythms of Mother Nature, to her BODY and to the Archetypal Wisdom of WOMAN. And she knows her Sacred Purpose. She flows with Goddess Energy in precious human form... She knows that the most POWERFUL FORCES of life have been flowing through her all along. A 21st Century woman knows that the Goddess is using her Body as Her engine, humming along in step with the very forces that regulate the world around her. …. the rise and fall of the seasons …. the pull of the moon’s rotation …. her steady sure movement …. through each stage of life… …. in ever deepening Wisdom… Come Join Us on a Six Week Journey into the Heart and Soul of Sacred Feminine Wisdom, starts July 5th

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Kali Cathie - Embracing your Sacred She for Health and Well-Being

  Kali is a Wanderlust certified yoga teacher with a firm background in Zen Meditation and, with more than a decade of experience as a certified and licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, her offerings empower women to Liberate the Wisdom of the Goddess within and to harness the power of their own fierce grace. In so doing people transform limiting emotions and behaviors in a way that allows them to experience fear as excitement and anxiety as new energy coming in. Womens health and well-being, their capacity to ebb and to flow with balance through the twists and turns of life, to understand their cycles, speak their Truth and be at their truest, most empowered Self, is at the heart of all her offerings. Her one on one Hypnotherapy sessions, Soul Yoga class, Moon Circle meditation, workshops and spiritual guidance in general all have this as the ever precious link to health and well-being for all. Working with Kali will help you re-engage with Sacred Feminine power so that you become fiercely clear and focused upon your greater life purpose. Superconscious practices at the level of Soul will aid you in remembering your SoulFul SHEness and fierce unrelenting Grace, your inner Sacred wisdom and Divine connection with the power of Creation. See above menu bar for more details and click here for Google+.


Hello Beautiful and Amazing Kali, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wow! That was such an amazing, powerful and very potent (hypnotherapy) session we had yesterday – something has really shifted in me and I feel so much lighter! It feels like I am actually receiving so much more of me, all the bits I was judging and had misidentified  …….. and it feels AMAZING! I can’t even describe what this is like – but tune in and I know  you will know what I’m feeling anyway! So much infinite Love and Gratitude for You AND for Skype for connecting us from the comfort and safety of my bedroom! Rhonda, New Zealand


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be the change

Are you Ready to BE the Change?

How we live our life, how we think about the world and process our emotions, how we perceive our experience of life and interpret what happens, is a conscious choice..... and its scientifically so, as you can see in this video...... So.... it takes a well overdue shift in perspective... .... an unlearning of what we've been taught.... a reprogramming, updating and rebooting of our internal server..... a deleting of the old files in the computer of our brain and an uploading of new, more relevant and evolutionarily appropriate, ones. We live in the 21st century with unprecedented issues to process..... yet, on the whole, we still "think" as if we live a hundred years ago..... … Click here to read more...

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be the change

Are you Ready to BE the Change?

How we live our life, how we think about the world and process our emotions, how we perceive our experience of life and interpret what happens, is a conscious choice….. and its scientifically so, as you can see in this video…… So…. it takes a well overdue shift in perspective… …. an unlearning of what […]

Hypnotic Dream Work

The Cosmic Marriage thru Hypnotic Dream Work

Last night I had dream… …an intoxicating dream…. A beautiful, grounded, focused, strong, musically creative, handsome looking, South American guy, was wooing me with his guitar and songs written ‘just’ for me. In the dream, he was someone who I’d been seeing around semi frequently of late, but he lived in another town – to […]

I am rooted but I flow

Steady and Comfortable Living

The  purpose of yoga is to engage in a practice of steady and comfortable living while maintaining a sense of ease and grace. So in yoga each pose is said to have two very important qualities, without which, it would not be yoga…. in Sanskrit these two qualities are summed up by the words Sthira […]

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The process of achieving your goals starts from the moment you connect with me. Just email me via the form below and I will be happy to assist with your inquiry. Imagine a life where your body flowed freely, your heart sung the song of your soul and your mind was at peace with the flow of your life? How could like be different if it was this way? If you want to be more present to, and alive with, the beautiful gift of life, get in touch with me to find out how you can connect to the Universe of love and joy within you. Everything you need is right inside, all you need to do is listen and I have the tools you need to hear.
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